New Nieto Research Studies - Diapers & Tampons

Nieto Research has some new studies available. You will need to email them at with the details of the study you would like to participate in. From my personal experience the diaper studies are quite easy, although you are not compensated for it with money you are getting free diapers (usually 22-44 in a pack per study).

Here are the details on both the studies.

Greetings from Nieto Research,
Once again, more testing opportunities have opened up.
For September, we have openings for baby diaper testing, specifically size four.  If you have a child currently wearing size four diapers, please respond to this email with:
  • Your full name and phone number along with the best time to reach you
  • Child's current weight and
  • Brand of diapers you buy most often
We also have openings for tampon testing for regular absorbency.  If you would like to test regular tampons, please respond to this email with:
  • Your full name and phone number
  • Brand of tampons you buy most often
  • Type of applicator you buy most often - either cardboard, plastic or both
  • Type of absorbency you use most often - regular, super or both
  • Approximate date of your next cycle
Thank you if you are currently testing for us.  We always appreciate your responses.
Nieto Consumer Panel

Here is another email I received about the Diaper Study, this is just to show you in more detail what goes with participation.Good Luck!

Greetings from Nieto Research,
You are receiving this email because you have joined our consumer panel and we may have a baby diaper study that matches your profile.  If you are currently buying baby diapers this might be a good test for you.  Like the majority of our studies we begin the process via email.  If you are interested in being part of the study, please respond to this email and include the following:
What size baby diaper do you buy?
What is your baby's current weight?
What brand of diapers do you buy most often?
And last, please include your full name, phone number and best time to reach you.
If you qualify for this particular study you will be sent different diapers to compare.  You will use each bag of diapers for approximately one week.  You will be required to record each usage which takes less than 30 seconds per change.  At the end of each bag you will complete an on-line survey giving your opinions about the diapers. 
For each study there are only a specific number of people selected based on their qualifications.  If we do not respond to your email, it could be because we have filled the quota that you match.  Please don't be frustrated we will contact you again when we have another test that meets your needs.
Thanks for being part of the Nieto Consumer Panel,
Nieto Research, Inc.
Atlanta Georgia