MySurvey & Lightspeed Join Together

If you read the June2009 Edition of Opinion Matters then you may remember that MySurvey's parent company TNS partnered with WPP's information, insight and consultancy division, known as the The Kantar Group. Some of you may also know that Lightspeed Online is also a member of The Kantar Group. Since the same company now owns both MySurvey and Lightspeed Online there will be new changes implemented to make your membership more rewarding. Keep your ears open during the next three months for more information on how your membership may change. You can view the January 2010 Newsletter for more info.

I am not sure exactly how I feel about this announcement for the plain fact that I am not sure what they will exactly be implementing. I am defiantly hoping for the better in them being owned by the same company, I really hope that they way we receive rewards is not changed for the worst. I think payment options are a big factor in staying with a survey panel as well as the amount of payment for the participation per survey. Sometimes merging with other survey sites can be a good thing and other times it makes you stray away from them. I remember when Your2Cents merged with Toluna, although it may have been a good change in the companies eyes, I am still not sure if I like it. So changes can be good, bad or sometimes they just linger in the middle of it all.

20/20 Research Personal Wellness Study

20/20 Research is conducting a 12 week study on Personal Wellness. They are looking for males and females from the ages of 21-62 from all across the country. there was not a mention of a set amount but they did state:

For your time and participation you will be compensated after the first week, and then once a month until the discussion ends and your phone interview is completed.

ACOP Product Test

I recently completed a survey that lead to a product test. I can't disclose what the product was, but if others received an email from American Consumer Online Panel asking you to participate in a short questionnaire you might have an idea what the product it. To my knowledge the survey is still open for participation giving you the chance to also be a part of this product test. Check your email now to see if you were invited!

SurveySpot's January Promotion

SurveySpot wants you to start that New Year right, that means a new opportunity to earn extra points. During the month of January SurveySpot will award you with 50 points every time you qualify and complete a survey.

Depending on the survey length you could earn some easy points, remember every 100 points is equivalent to $1.00. If you complete a 5 minute survey you will earn $0.50. Once you reach 1,000 points you can redeem those points for $10 straight to your PayPal account!

Philadelphia Study - $85

Focus Forward has openings for 1-hour Interview in Bala Cynwyd on January 15th, the reward for participating in this study is $85