Esearch Product Test Payment

Esearch sent me a $15.00 payment for a product test I did earlier last month, I actually forgot about it until I received an email from PayPal saying I was sent funds. When I saw the details on the product test then I remembered, but otherwise i would have totally forgotten about it..... Maybe I should start a survey/product test diary, that would probably help me keep track of the surveys I completed. Not only that but if a company didn't credit me for a survey, I could always go back and check. I could always make a spread sheet on excel or Google documents.

Anyway back to the payment, so I was kinda surprised to see $15.00 extra dollars in my PayPal account. It seems this happens to me a lot, I will just find payments sent to me from surveys I forgot i even did, thats one thing I like about survey sites. As you can see I did a pantyliner product test, it was pretty basic, wear them and give my opinion after the test period (haha .... period). Esearch is known for giving surveys for somewhat smaller amounts, but pretty good amounts for product tests. Most of the time with product tests like pantyliners they will want you to return the remaining ones, assuming you have any. If you aren't a member of Esearch, you might want to join ..... you wont get surveys/product tests all the time but when you do they are worth it most of the time.

Netverdix Offers Payments by PayPal

Netverdix is now making payment via PayPal, they use to only offer checks as a payment option. Netverdix pays you once you meet the $5 minimum requirement, accounts under $5.00 will roll over to the next payment period. I just joined this survey site in May, I currently have been paid $2.00. The person who told me about this survey panel advised me to complete all my profiles, in which I received a cash drawing entry for each, I did that and have only received one survey so far. I did find one invitation from them in my spam folder so maybe I missed out on a couple I didn't even know about, I guess thats what happens when I forget to add them to my contacts.(lol)

Netverdix members are a diverse community of consumers that earn CASH for sharing their opinions, reactions and deepest insights with leading national and global organizations about how to make better products, advertising and messaging decisions.

Without our panel members, many of the world's leading organizations would not understand what you demand and need. Netverdix panel members are not just the driving force behind our business, but they are the driving force behind our clients. That is why we are asking you to become a member of our consumer panel, sharing your opinions and reactions about the products, messages and services offered by companies from around the world.