Advisory Panel Survey - Pets

New survey from the Advisory Panel


As a member of the International Advisory Panel, please
take this survey about your pets.

If you know of anyone who would be interested in taking
this survey (and a chance at a prize), PLEASE forward
this email to them.

There will be 10 $25 prizes randomly chosen among
those who participate in this survey.


Here is a link to the survey:

If you are not a member of the Advisory Panel and
would like to become one (it's free!) just go to: for details.

Valued Opinion Payment

Received another payment in the mail, this one is from Valued Opinions. I cashed out for a $20.00 Macy's Gift Card a little before Christmas and received it early January like my previous payment proof posts also stated. I had around $38.00 in my account and thought I should probably cash out for a gift card since I would have enough for another one soon.

I am planning on cash out for another $20.00 gift card soon, I think the next one will also be to Macy's as well. I might just use them for birthday presents to my sisters since there isn't a Macy's in Iowa, and I know there are a couple in Illinois. Here is the payment proof:

Valued Opinions has been a pretty good survey site so far. The compensation you receive per survey is very good, at least for the majority of surveys they invite you to. The downside to Valued Opinions is you have to be invited there, but members can not refer you. They are somewhat like Pinecone Research in that you have to find a banner or signup link in order to join.

On the upside I have a link that should work, I found it posted somewhere else, can't remember exactly but I think it was a website or a forum. Sign up here for Valued Opinions, if the link doesn't work please let me know. Just scroll down the page and there will be a small registration form. The page may try to redirect you to the main website page, just click the stop button on your browser. Good Luck!

Note: The link given above is only for residents of the United States, Valued Opinions has other survey panels for specific countries so please check the "legend" on the right side and find your country. Also check out the international section for more survey panels.

Synovate Global Opinion Panels Payment

Synovate was one of my favorite survey panels, they sent me quite a few product tests and there surveys gave fair compensation. As of right now, they are slipping down my list of favorites for the reason that they seem to be sending fewer surveys. This could be the effect of the failing economy or maybe my demographics aren't need as much as they once were.

Before Christmas I cashed out my points for a check, I also requested payment from a couple other survey sites. A little after the beginning of January my check arrived in the mail, I also received another check the same day, I believe it was the check from SurveySpot. I am a little late getting the payment proofs posted.

My payment proof from Synovate below:

A little info about Synovate Global Opinion Panels:

The world of Synovate goes beyond geographic boundaries. We're close to the action all over the globe. With almost 60 branches worldwide, you'll probably find there's a Synovate branch near you.

Voice Your Opinion About Survey Sites

I recently created a Survey about Survey Sites, if you would like to participate please continue here. I will be posting the survey results on Survey Directory when the study is complete. So please come and voice your opinion about your favorite survey sites.


Pinecone Research Payment

I haven't been posting payments of Pinecone Research lately even though I have received numerous ones, I have been pretty busy trying to find a job, daycare for my son, and just being a mom. I apologize, but if you ever want to see payment proof just check out the payment proof section, link located in "Categories". Recent payment proof below.

SurveySpot Payment

I decided to withdrawal my earnings from SurveySpot on December 17th and received it on the 13th of January, it took a little under a month to receive the check which is pretty good compared to other survey sites. I was pretty excited when I saw the envelope in my mailbox, I now had an extra $251.50 to deposit in my son's savings account.

So far from all the survey sites, this check from SurveySpot has to be the highest amount I have received. I think the second highest would be from Viewpoint Forum. I have received a total of $279.50 from SurveySpot alone and I hope to earn more in the coming months.

I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed this too, but I haven't been getting as many paid survey invitations as I was before Christmas, most of them are just for sweepstakes. Maybe it's just me or perhaps it has to do with the economy right now because SurveySpot isn't the only one I have noticed this with. All in all I hope the market research industry stays strong, without them I wouldn't have the extra money to stash away for my son when he gets older. :)

Here is a thumbnail of my second check from SurveySpot, to see my first check please click here.

U30 Group - Survey Panel

Lacie, one of my blog followers, brought to my attention U30 (U30 Group), which is a market research firm located in Knoxville Tennessee. U30 mostly conducts product tests for US corporations, surveys although not sent regularly pay between $5 - $15 each.

I took the time to join U30's panel and upon entering the questionnaire I was presented with this little snippet of information:

Are you interested in participating in our panel of consumers needed to give their advice to major corporations?

Pat yourself on the back. We've got lots of great projects coming up and we wanted to get you signed up!

THINK ABOUT IT...Earn $15 for online questionnaires that take 15 minutes to complete. It's true, that's a buck a minute.

THINK ABOUT IT...Rant and rave on products and advertising from companies like Pizza Hut, Pepsi, Taco Bell, Frito Lay, Wrigley, and YM Magazine. Let the suits know what people like you think. You know as well as we do, they need you. Don't let this opportunity slip away!

Sound too good to be true? Let's set the record straight; we believe in free speech not free responses. Meaning: you ALWAYS get paid for your opinions.

Get with the program and sign up today. A few minutes, that's all it takes. Just click on the arrow below to begin.
Have questions? We have answers. Just email



The questionnaire took about 15 minutes to complete which isn't as bad as some of the questionnaires I have had to complete to join a survey panel. They ask the basic stuff, age, gender, martial status, along with drinks you consume, restaurants you eat at, and stores you regularly visit. At the end of the questionnaire:

Now was that so hard? Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions! Look for project opportunities and surveys in your email soon.

So be sure to check you email address occasionally if not often. If you would like to join or update you panel information just go to U30's website scroll down to the bottom and click "I want to join one of U30's Panels", this will take you to a page that asks if you want to join the panel or update your info. We will see what comes out of joining this survey panel.

Advisory Panel - Valentine's Day Survey

This is a survey for women.If you know of a woman who would
be interested in taking this survey (and a chance at a prize),
PLEASE forward this email to her.

There will be 10 $25 prizes randomly chosen among
those who participate in this survey.

The deadline for response is Tuesday, January 20th.
Here is a link to the survey:

If you are not a member of the Advisory Panel and
would like to become one (it's free!) just go to: for details.

The Advisory Panel promises to keep all your information
completely private and confidential. We will not send you
any junk mail and we will not sell or reveal your name
or address to anyone

Nielsen//NetRatings Check

A month ago I participated in a survey asking me if I would like to download an application that would monitor my internet usage, I forget what survey site this particular survey was through but the software was from Nielsen//NetRatings. Since Nielsen//NetRatings is a well known and legitimate market research company I decided to download the application plus I would be compensated for my time with a $10 check after the application had been installed for one month. The check came from Seed Strategy Inc./InCheck LLC which is one of their partners for processing payments.

When a month came around I was promptly shipped my $10 check. I am planning on un-installing the application tomorrow since there wont be much use for it to be on my computer, well at least not for me anyway.

(Click on the image to enlarge.)