First Donation and Question for Survey Directory


I wanted to publicly thank Robert M. for Donating $4.00 to Survey Directory, this is the first donation ever donated. Although donations are highly appreciated, comments or questions are also welcomed as well. With out the viewers I don't know if I would continue to bring new information and insight to Survey Directory.


Speaking of questions, I received the first one about 2 weeks ago, but because of my internet access, I wasn't able to answer it as fast as I would have liked to.

Sandy's Question:

In doing surveys for a while now, I have noticed some companies use the same format to ask questions to see if I qualify for a survey from them. Most of them look similar to the Greenfield system of survey Daily Survey Panel, SurveyHead and even Memolink.
In order to keep getting more surveys from Greenfield, I have discontinued trying to qualify from surveys from these other companies because I want to keep receiving as many survey opportunities as possible from Greenfield. They seem to pay better than the others.
Do you know of any other survey sites like this that use the same system of questions to see if a person qualifies for a survey? I hope you understand what I am saying. If you've taken a survey with more than one of these companies, I think you can understand what I am asking.

My Response:
Sorry for the late reply, I haven't had a stable internet connection and I also haven't checked this email account for a while. Anyway I know what you are saying, at least I think I do. Daily Survey and MemoLink host Greenfield surveys, Greenfield pays them so much depending on the number of people that qualify for the survey, then MemoLink and Daily Survey Panel pay its members a percentage of that. I think this is why Greenfield doesn't have as many well paid surveys anymore, many of them are sweepstakes entries. I don't think discontinuing to do the surveys through the other panels improves your chances, but I could be wrong.
I have had the most luck with SurveySpot, Viewpoint Forum, HCD Surveys, and Lightspeed. I'm pretty sure all of these survey sites use the same system of questions if not very similar since this is how they determine who qualifies and what catagories they fit into. You can also try Pinecone Research if you are not already a member, they offer $3 per survey (for US members), but you have to find their banner, just google Pinecone Research it should be fairly easy to find. If you have any other questions or if I didn't clearly answer one in this email please let me know. I will post your question on my blog when I have time and an internet connection.
Thank you for your inquiry.

Since others may have wondered the same thing that Sandy inquired about she suggested that I should post the conversation if anyone else wanted to chime in on the subject, so I did! There are a few different types of sites that have surveys that you can complete but they are not necessarily survey sites, the surveys are hosted by Survey Companies/MarketResearch Companies but may be hosted on various sites in order to get a range of responses. Because these sites are hosting them for the company they may not pay you as much as if you did that exact survey through the Survey Company itself. The site the survey was hosted on wants to make a profit so they pay you what they think would be fair, which in my opinion isn't always the case.

I am a member of Daily Survey Panel and Memolink but I don't really classify them as survey sites. It seems they host mostly OTX surveys and greenfield surveys, but aren't limited to those companies alone. OTX surveys tend to be long and most of the time are not worth the amount they are paying you to give your opinion.

Daily Survey Panel gives you 110 - 120 points a survey, since the minimum cash out is $1. You only need 200 points to reach that amount. But have you ever done the math? Well I will give you an example:

Each Points is worth $0.005
OTX Survey - 120 points = $0.60
Average Completion Time = 35 Minutes
Amount Earned per Minute = $0.017143

The minium $1.00 cashout is great but I could do that exact survey on Survey Spot for like $2-$3 instead of for $0.60. That is why I stopped taking surveys that are hosted by sites like these, they don't fairly pay their members. MemoLink is almost just as bad, they don't give you as many points as I think they should for spending your time giving your opinion. I'm sure others have noticed this as well.

If anyone wants to comment or add on to something I may have left out feel free too!

Feeding Your Toddler Survey

As a member of the International Advisory Panel, please
take this survey about feeding your toddler.

If this survey does not apply to you and you know someone
who might qualify, PLEASE forward this email to them.

There will be ten $25 prizes randomly chosen among
those who participate in this survey.

The deadline for response is Friday, October 3rd.
Here is a link to the survey:

Apology for Lack of Posts


Sorry for not having new posts, my internet is currently down and I am not sure when it will be back up. Sorry again for any inconvience.

Opinion Square & HotSpex Updates


Program Update from OpinionSquare

Dear OpinionSquare Member,

We appreciate your participation in OpinionSquare. OpinionRewards is our way of saying thank you for sharing your opinions as a member of the OpinionSquare panel. Be sure to check our catalog often - we're adding new items all the time!

The Summer Slots Instant Win game is almost over
You only have 2 more weeks to play the Summer Slots game for your chance at a portable grill, barbecue tools, or even bonus points. Then, on October 1 our exciting new First & Goal instant win game will begin. Have a token? Your Summer Slots tokens will expire September 30 so be sure to play before then. Play your Summer Slots tokens now!

Over 1,100,000 trees donated and counting!
Donate your points to improve the environment
We have already donated over 1.1 million trees - and are just getting started! As a reminder, you can donate your points to the Trees for the Future Program, too. Through Trees for the Future, your points go toward helping communities around the world plant trees, helping the environment and local developing economies. To donate your points, just login to your OpinionRewards account and choose "Charity" from the catalog category list.

Like sharing your opinion? Don't forget about the Question of the Week featured each week on Give us your opinion and see what others think. Another great way to get more opportunities to share your opinion through surveys is to download the OpinionSquare research software. More surveys means more opportunities to earn points! Download it now.

Thank you for your participation in the OpinionSquare panel. Be sure to watch your email for opportunities to earn more points through survey invitations and other offers from OpinionSquare.

HotSpex Newsletter

A Note from Carly; Director of Innovator Relations

Dear Innovator,

As the leaves start to change color and the weather begins to cool, we're reminded that Fall is here and Winter is just around the corner.
No matter what the temperature is outside though, the Hotspex team will be working harder than ever to bring you HOT surveys that help innovate your favorite brands and their products and services. So what's in store at Hotspex over the next few months? Here's a sneak peek of what you can expect to see in the second half of 2008:
  • PLAY Hotspex surveys! Thanks to Flash technology and our team of ultra 'Spexy' graphic artists, Hotspex surveys are becoming more interactive than ever. please change the last sentence to: Look for new 'game-like' activities in our surveys that allow you to 'play' while you innovate!
  • New surveys are just around the corner from awesome brands like McDonald's, Wrigley, Colgate, Cox Communications, Coca Cola, and many others.
  • An estimated 102,835 trees will be planted in the Peruvian rainforest as a result of YOUR participation in Hotspex surveys. (Remember, Hotspex plants a tree for every survey participated in on

Carly's Fall poll – What is your favorite season?

*Poll results based on answers provided by 516 Hotspex Innovators

Please enjoy this newsletter, and as always, keep innovating!

Director of Innovator Relations

Datatelligence Special Research Study


Datatelligence sent out an email yesterday inviting members to participate in a special research study. So if you haven't checked your email yet you should do so in case you were selected to participate in this study. They are paying $5.00 via gift card. Here is what the email stated:

Hello !

You have been selected to participate in a special research study!

We are looking for PC users to voice their opinion in an important online study which will involve installing and running a small application.

The application will scan your computer for Hardware Specifications. Information gathered will NOT be personally identified and will remain anonymous. All data will be used for research purposes only.

Those who download, run the application, and complete this survey will be eligible for a $5.00 Gift Code which will be sent to your e-mail address.

The survey will EXPLICITLY state if you are eligible for the incentive or not. Please read the ending text carefully.

Incentives are not awarded until the study has ended in field and we have time to tally the completions.

This is a LENGTHY program, estimated to be over 45 minutes in length, and does not have to be completed all at once. Please take your time reading and answering each question carefully.

St. Jude Medical Center Survey - $5


Thank you for participating in a survey to understand how people find and use general medical information online. We are an independent research company working with St. Jude Medical to gather information about Internet usage and improve the quality of the services St. Jude Medical delivers online.

This short survey should take no longer than 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Even though we will ask for basic contact information at the end of the survey to send you a $5 Amazon certificate for taking the survey, your responses will not be linked to your contact information. Please read through our Terms and Conditions for additional information about our use of your responses.

To begin the survey, please select the “Next” link below.

Throughout the survey, choose the response that best describes your answer, then click ”Next” to continue.

When you are finished, click the “Done” link.

Link to Survey

Contract Testing

I become a panelist for Contract Testing Inc. a while back, I didn't think much of them until now. Today I was invited to a Research Study that would pay me $300! I still have to call them and go through a 20 minute qualifying process, but I think its worth the 20 minutes if I do qualify because I will then get paid $300. They state on their website that they are pretty strict on what panelist they select for each study they conduct, this may have been the reason I didn't get anything from them before.

If you are not a panelist already you should consider joining, they pay very well for the research studies they conduct. You may not get tons of studies but the amount paid per study makes Contract Testing Inc. a great site to be a part of.

Contract Testing Inc. specializes in sensory evaluations where you the consumer are asked to give opinions about the taste, texture, smell, appearance, etc. of various products.

CTI was established in 1985 by Lanny Scholes. A pioneer in the sensory field with more experience than anyone else in Canada, Lanny is a bona fide industry force. She has built CTI's enviable leadership position by forging new creative approaches to meaningful research.

CTI is always thinking ahead, searching for new and still better ways to help ensure that our clients' products fly. Spearheading these initiatives is the next generation of research and marketing leaders, Dan Scholes, Andrew Scholes and Michael Capp.

Update: Although I did not qualify for this study, I was glad I was at least considered. Congratulations to everyone who was chosen for the study and completed it, I bet that $300 will come in handy since Christmas is approaching!

GlobalTestMarket - MarketPoints Update

GlobalTestMarket Sent out an email today stating that your MarketPoints may not show up right away die to a system delay, so if you are a member and have been wondering why your MarketPoints aren't crediting this is the reason why. Here is a copy of the email:

Dear Member,

You may have noticed last week that there was a delay from when you took a GlobalTestMarket survey to when your MarketPoints showed up in your account. Don't worry! We record all your survey activity and the MarketPoints you earn, and these points have already been credited to your account. Our system was operating on a 4-7 day delay, so your MarketPoints didn't appear in your account right away.

Your account is now up to date and we apologize for any inconvenience these technical difficulties may have caused. MarketPoints should now appear in your account within 24 hours of survey participation. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Gabriella McNabb

If you would like to become a member of GlobalTestMarket please send me an email to SurveyDirectory@gmail(dot)com with "GlobalTestMarket Invite" in the subject line and I would be delighted to sent you an invite. Although you can signup directly from their site I would greatly appreciate it if you signup through me. :)

Your2Cents Update

I almost forgot! Your2Cents sent out an email in late August stating that they will be sending out more surveys to members since a lot of members have been telling them they want more opportunities to share their opinion. Also they are getting a new checking processing system installed so that members will get their checks faster. I am glad they are upgrading their check processing system, I have seen other members comment that they would have to wait almost 2 months for their checks! Thankfully when I cashed out I received my check within a month, I would be a little peeved if I had to what 2 months(lol).

So if you weren't getting many survey invitations before, you may be getting more soon to come! I have already noticed an increase in survey invites, I just got one today for a $15 product test. I would say they are doing an okay job by me so far. :)
Here's what the email said incase some of you didn't get it (I know mine got caught in the spambox ( lol)):

Dear Tristen:

Thank you for sharing your opinions with us. We are writing to let you know about some things we are doing to help make your membership experience more satisfying:
  • Expect more survey opportunities in the coming months. Many of you have expressed an interest in receiving more survey opportunities, so we are working to deliver them. As always, participation is your choice.
  • Get your reward checks delivered faster. We have installed a new system that will reduce check processing time to 2 to 3 weeks from redemption to mailbox.
To enable the reduction in check processing time we have installed a new check printing process and we will be changing the reward redemption minimum from $5 to $10 for check requests received starting on September 1, 2008.Many of you are regularly redeeming at the $10 mark already. Remember, we are also working to bring you more survey opportunities, and more chances to earn rewards.

We appreciate the time you spend sharing your opinions with us. Thank you for your membership.

The Panel Support Team at Your2Cents

Capture Carpet & Rug Dry Cleaner - Testers Needed!


Dear Capture Consumer,

In an effort to better meet your cleaning needs, we have created a new formula
of the Capture Carpet & Rug Dry Cleaner. We're interested in testing it with
consumers who are already familiar with our dry powder carpet cleaning
product. The product testing would include a sample of the powder and a
follow-up survey to collect your feedback.

If you would like to participate in testing the new product, please type
"" into your
browser or click on the link below and complete the short qualifying survey:

Capture Product Test Qualifier


If you have any questions about the survey or about Capture, please feel free
to Contact Us.

Thanks for your help and for supporting Capture!
Jane Easler
Capture Merchandising

Thank you for your interest in Capture®!

Due to the limited number of product test kits available, we will be selecting a small number of qualified participants at random.

Please be sure to provide detailed contact information below so that we can contact you regarding the status of your participation in this Capture® product test.

i.think inc. - Members Wanted!

I received an email from i.think inc. earlier today, it seems that they are looking for new members to join their panel. According to the email they want people who live in a certain area, so if you live in the area that is specified below you may want to join their panel since there is an upcoming study that you may qualify for. Here is what the email stated:

We have a study coming up and we could use your help finding people to participate in it.

Do you know anyone in Dallas/Ft Worth, Denver, or Philadelphia? If so, please refer them to the i.think inc. panel! There is no selling involved, we are simply looking for people to join our panel.

We are specifically looking for 16-21 year olds or households that have 16-21 year olds in them.

So if you live in the Dallas/Ft Worth, Denver, or Philadelphia area and want to join the panel, just click here. If you want to see payment proof that I have received from i.think inc. please refer to this page. If you are not from the Dallas/Ft Worth, Denver, or Philadelphia area but you stil want to become a member please visit their website here.

$500 Study for Blogging About Your Car!


The following study is for Men and Women between the ages of 35-55 years of age who live in Boston, MA; South Florida, Dallas, TX and Los Angeles, CA who currently either own or lease a Lexus RX330 or BMW 5 Series. Please be aware that you will need to email us pictures of your car (the rear of the car) as well as your registration.

If you are interested in this study, and are selected to participate you will be paid $500.00 for blogging at home.

Please click the following link to fill-in the preliminary information we need, do not email your pictures until I email you to do so. Below is additional information about the study if you are selected.


We are currently conducting a very interesting study in your area. Instead of a focus group or an in-home visit for a couple of hours, we want you for six days! During this period we will work with you to create a profile of your life, your family and your wishes on an online secured blog site. So, be prepared not just for an interesting experience but one in which you may learn quite a bit about yourself. Here’s how it works.

Over the course of 6 days we need you for about 6 ½ hours. If you choose to do more that’s great. For this, you will be paid $500.

Your time will be split up as follows:

Someone from our staff will come to your home and take pictures of you and your car!

-A daily assignment on the computer as well as one, one-hour phone interview, for a total of approximately 6 1/2 hours over 6 days.

-We’ll also have you take 30 photos with your digital camera. We will tell you what to photograph, and ask you to email them that will upload them to your blog on a daily basis.

-We may also contact after the study is over with a follow-up exercise, for which you will be paid another small stipend.

Again, you will be paid a $500 check for your time,

Access to your profile: For two weeks at the end of the study, we will give you access to your profile that we’ve created with you. Most participants think that the opportunity to really think about every aspect of their lives - and then see it - is a valuable experience.

Don’t worry about the technology or the’s really easy to post, and we’ll help you with that and the assignments we give you will be fun and different.

**Borrowed - Thanks atprm!

$75 Nationwide Paid Online Bulletin Board

Focus Foward is conducting an Online Bulletin Board and is rewarding those who qualify with $75 for their opinions and time.

We are currently recruiting respondents to participate in a paid online bulletin board Compensation for the 3-day online bulletin board is $75. Please click on the below link and answer a few screening questions to determine if you qualify for this study.


If you appear to qualify based on your answers, a Focus Forward representative will contact you with additional questions.

•☼•Good Luck•☼•

Screener for Short Paid Survey


Livewire is hosting a survey screener for Women age 35-64, if you are eligible for the paid survey you will contact you within 24 hours via email. The screener consists of 6-10 questions and shouldn't take more than 5 minutes of your time.

Link to Screener

•☼•Good Luck•☼•

Esearch Product Test - $40

Esearch sent out a survey invitation yesterday for 18-24 year old females to participate in a survey and if you qualify, a product test. Here is what the email stated:

This first survey (here) is the qualifying survey. If you qualify, you may be asked to try a product (which will be mailed to you). If you are selected, you will use the products and complete usage diaries (which you will mail back to the researcher). After this, you will complete a final follow up survey. Once these three steps are complete (qualifying, product testing/diaries, follow up survey) you will receive $40.00 (paid to this email address via by October 25).

Just a heads up so you can check your email and see if you got an invitation. Anyway, Good Luck!

Pincone Research Membership

In June I was told that I could either stay with the $5 panel or move to the new $3 panel for Pinecone Research. If I stayed with the old panel I wouldn't get as many surveys if I joined the $3 panel, I decided to stay with the $5 panel as long as I could. I received about 5 more surveys during the months of June, July and August which is slightly less than I usually get. Well yesterday I received an email stating to click on a link to a membership survey which stated the following:

To help PineCone Research keep pace with changes occurring in the general population, we periodically perform routine maintenance of our active panelist files. As part of the upcoming panel maintenance process, your household has been flagged for removal and regrettably, your membership with the panel is scheduled to be discontinued.

While your participation in the PineCone panel as it exists today has come to an end, as a valued member of the PineCone family we'd like to extend to you the opportunity to join our new cash plus sweepstakes incentive panel, if you would like to do so.

In the cash plus incentive plan, members are compensated with a $3 cash incentive for each completed survey and entered into a bi-weekly sweepstake for a chance to win $500. In addition, members are entered into the bi-weekly sweepstakes every time they complete household questions, which were formerly uncompensated.

Would you like to join PineCone's new cash plus sweepstakes panel?

We'll be happy to include you in the new cash plus sweepstakes panel as soon as the transition can be made. You will receive an e-mail confirmation when the transition is complete. Good luck in the sweepstakes...

I am sure I am not the only one who was "flagged for removal" because of "routine maintenance", all I can say is that I stayed a member of the $5 panel as long as I could and I have decided to just join the new $3 panel. If you haven't gotten this email yet and you are apart of the old $5 panel, heads up because it will inevitably be sent to you.

1 HR Online/Phone Focus Group On Migraine Sufferers - $25


WEGO Health ( is a new consumer health website and we are running focus groups on Wednesday, September 17, for Adult Migraine Sufferers at 12 Noon ET, 4 p.m., 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. ET. The groups will take one hour and will be held online and also via the phone.

We are looking for migraine sufferers who are:
1) Between 25 and 60 years of age
2) Living with and treating migraines currently
3) Up-to-date on migraine news and treatments
4) Active contributors or frequent visitors to online healthcare communities

If you are interested, please email and include the following information:
1) Your name
2) Your phone number (there will be a brief phone screen)
3) How long you have had migraines
4) Where you do your treatment research (names of websites, online communities, books etc)
5) Focus group time slots that will work for you (12 Noon ET, 4 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. ET, or 8 p.m. ET) on Wednesday, September 17. (Please list your top two choices)

Compensation: $25 gift certificate.

Thanks for your time.