Capture Carpet & Rug Dry Cleaner - Testers Needed!


Dear Capture Consumer,

In an effort to better meet your cleaning needs, we have created a new formula
of the Capture Carpet & Rug Dry Cleaner. We're interested in testing it with
consumers who are already familiar with our dry powder carpet cleaning
product. The product testing would include a sample of the powder and a
follow-up survey to collect your feedback.

If you would like to participate in testing the new product, please type
"" into your
browser or click on the link below and complete the short qualifying survey:

Capture Product Test Qualifier


If you have any questions about the survey or about Capture, please feel free
to Contact Us.

Thanks for your help and for supporting Capture!
Jane Easler
Capture Merchandising

Thank you for your interest in Capture®!

Due to the limited number of product test kits available, we will be selecting a small number of qualified participants at random.

Please be sure to provide detailed contact information below so that we can contact you regarding the status of your participation in this Capture® product test.