Relocated to AskGfk announced earlier this month that it would was relocating to AskGfk. They have transferred all member data over to their new website, you are now able to log-in as well. I find the new website easier to navigate, its a little more organized and has a better template. There is one thing that does throw me off  - the orange as the main picture. But overall its a step up from the old website that they were sporting - it was a much needed face-lift.

What I really like about this new website is that it tells you how many points you have and the points available to earn. It took me 2 or 3 steps to find out what my point balance was on the previous website. On AskGfk they have it as soon as you log-in, now that's convenient!

Want to earn more points? Click on the "earn points" button and   it will take you to your survey page. There it will list the surveys that are available to take as well as when the survey started, when it ends, how many points it is worth and the status of the survey (open,closed, etc).

It seems surveys are still being routed through, but this is expected to change with time. With this change I am hoping to see more engaging surveys, ones that are innovative and non-repetitive. We can only what and see what else is to come.

You may also be interested to know that they are now using All Digital Rewards as their supplier for reward redemption. From looking at the cataorgieries in there catalog there seem to be a number of ways to redeem your points. Here is the breakdown from their catalog:

Digital Rewards

  • Movie Downloads
  • Digital Music (over 3.5 million tracks)
  • Magazine Subscriptions
  • Virtual Currencies (online games and member programs)
  • Airline Miles
  • Member Based Discount Programs
  • Instant Win Games
  • Sweepstakes

Experience Based Rewards

  • Movie Tickets (usable at virtually any theatre accepting Visa/MC)
  • Travel (land/air/sea)
  • Sporting, Concert, and Event Tickets
    • Professional(NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS)
    • Major College Sports (Football/Basketball/Baseball)
    • Super Bowl
    • Bowl Games (BCS)
    • Final Four
    • Concerts
    • Broadway Shows

Prepaid Cards

  • Visa/MC/Amex
  • Retail Cards (68 retailers from which to choose)
  • Physical and Virtual Card Solutions Available

Consumer Electronics

  • Televisions
  • Stereos and Home Theatre Systems
  • Personal Audio (MP3/MP4 Players)
  • Cameras
    • Digital Still
    • Camcorders

Kitchen / Home / Garden

  • Applicances
  • Children's
  • Office
  • Décor