Announcement From Greenfield Online

Greenfield Online has announced that they are now a part of the Toluna Group. This change means that the rewards program for Greenfield will also change, in early 2012 they will be switching to a point based system. With this switch you can earn points from surveys as well as non-survey related activities.

After the new system is launched your Greenfield account will become a Toluna Usa account, for now your account will stay the same until this change goes into effect. If you are already a member at Toluna your accounts will be merged together and any remaining funds from your Greenfield account will be converted to points and added to your Toluna account.

If you are worried that PayPal will no longer be an option to cash out, don't worry they will still be offering payments through PayPal and check. In addition to those payment methods they will also offer merchandise, sweepstakes entries as well as charitable donations. Delivery of rewards will take about 4-6 weeks, PayPal rewards will be mailed out on a weekly basis but it may take up to 2 weeks.

What are your thoughts about this announcement? Do like the idea of Greenfield Online merging with Toluna? Do you think that the amount of surveys may increase? How do you feel about the new types of ways to redeem rewards? Looking for more info about this upcoming switch visit Greenfield Online's Blog, they have a list of frequently asked questions. If you have any questions or comments they ask that you email them at

Greenfield Online's Technical Difficulties

Over the past month and a half I have noticed that Greenfield Online's surveys have been coming up with the "technical difficulties" page. I hope I am not the only one experiencing this. It's quit annoying especially when a fair paying survey comes into your inbox and when you click the link to take you to the survey, after conforming that you are the person on the survey, but low and behold it says, "Sorry for your inconvenience. We are having technical difficulties. Please check back later.

I suppose it wouldn't be so bad if when you did check back later the survey actually worked, but unfortunately it doesn't. This hasn't happened for just one or even a couple surveys, but for every survey I have tried to take at Greenfield. I even logged in and complete the pre-survey questions and when it tries to transfer me to the survey page, the "technical difficulties" page also appears.

Whether its the site or just me, I think they need to do something about this. I'm gonna take a leap and guess its probably not just me and say they should put their technical team to work.

Has anyone else been getting these errors when trying to complete surveys? If you have been experiencing this, for how long?

$20 Gift Card From Valued Opinions

Last Friday the reward I requested from Valued Opinions arrived in my mailbox, since they only offer gift cards I selected a Visa Gift Card in the amount of $20. I was kinda surprised when I seen the letter from Valued Opinions laying in my mailbox, it seemed like only a couple weeks had pasted.

Have you gotten any rewards from Valued Opinions? How do you like them as a survey panel?


Opinion Place & Payments

I received a couple payments late last month from and Opinion Place that I haven't gotten around to posting. The payment is for $5.00 and the Opinion Place payment is in the amount of $1.00. So far my overall total for is $13.00 and Opinion Place is $17.50. I haven't been as active on Opinion Place as I could be, but sometimes you get busy with other things and can't take every survey that comes your way.


SurveySpot Now Pays Via PayPal!

SurveySpot announced that they are now switching to PayPal as their payment processor, checks will no longer be sent out. With the addition to PayPal there will also be changes regarding how incentives are shown, SurveySpot will be switching to a point-based system. Select surveys will be worth points, these points are immediately credited to your account. Once you have reached 1,000 points you can then redeem them for $10 via PayPal.

If you have existing rewards in your account that accrued before November 2nd, you will be able to request a check for the remaining amount. Any rewards that were earned before that date will not be converted into points.

What do you think about SurveySpot replacing checks with PayPal? I personally am pretty excited about the switch, the point system - not so much. I just don't understand why they have to switch to a point-system in order to use PayPal - maybe its simpler? How do you feel about the point system? Does it matter to you?

Find more info about the switch here