Your2Cents - More Rewards

Your2Cents listened to your opinions about profile surveys in the member area and have changed it so you are now rewarded for it. I'm sure the members who have been with Your2Cents remember completing those awfully long profile surveys and then you had to wait to get that $1 bonus until it was tied to a paid survey. Those days are over, they have but the feedback of their members into action. The profile surveys before were re-grouped into 15 shorter profiles, and they have added a couple more as well. For each profile you complete you will be awarded 300 points, when you complete all of your profile surveys you will be awarded with an additional 2,000 points. Your2Cents also stated there will be more changes in the summer, more ways to redeem your points ..... hopefully they are thinking about using PayPal. We will just have to wait and see.

I checked my account at Your2Cents and seen that these changes haven't taken place yet, or at least my account hasn't been effected. I did take all my profile surveys when i joined and have already received compensation for all of them, so maybe my profiles won't change because of this? Has anyone else seen a change in their profile section?

Springboard America & Zandl Group

I finally checked my email today, my apologies. Anyway, one of my readers, John, found a couple new survey sites that I wasn't aware of and emailed them to me. They are Zandl Group and Springboard America, both survey sites are run by well-respected research firms and are based in North America.

Springboard America's surveys will pay between $1 and $5, the only downfall to this survey site is that you will have to cash out in $50 increments via check. The members section of the site is nice and organized and gives you the following options: Home, My Participation History. Update My Profile, About My Survey Dollars, Support & FAQ's, About Us, as well as a chart showing your current balance, total earnings total redemption. All in all Springboard America's website is a well put together and the look of it is very modern and professional.

Zandl Group is based in New York and has an urban look to their website. this panel is currently only open to people ages 21-39, they personally recruite and pre-screen everyone who is interested in becoming a part of the panel. Zandl Group's surveys pay $1-$10 via PayPal. I have read in forums that people have been paid for completing their surveys, sounds like this one is a keeper.

Stop by both sites and join if you want to share your opinions for some extra cash in your pocket. If you have already been paid by one of these survey sites, let us know! Pictures of your payment proof are always welcome. Good Luck to everyone who joins either panel.

Ideal Opinions - New Survey Site!

While I was checking my email the other day I noticed an email from Ideal Opinions, the subject was "You're Invited". Below is what the email stated:

Your opinion is needed!

We would like to invite you to participate in a short and interesting research project. However, we need you to register in our system, so that you survey rewards can get credited to your account. Remember, each time you complete a survey with Ideal Opinions, you'll be rewarded in one of several ways - cash, or points that can be redeemed for cash. Register now and enter to win $100 cash and 50 bonus points. Registration is FREE and takes less than a minute.

Click the link below to register.

(link removed)

We look forward to your participation.

Ideal Opinions Team

I had never heard of this survey site before, but I thought I might as well join it since I am a member of ever other survey site out there. Ideal Opinions is in fact very new, practically only a few months old. My first reaction to this was that they may not be legit and are just another scam, but actually they owned and operated by Konesens Research. Knowing they are from a Market Research company defiantly made me feel better about joining and completing their surveys. Since Ideal Opinions is operated by Konesens Research, most of the surveys/studies will be directed from them although I am sure there will be a some that are hosted by other Market Research companies.

What I found really appealing about Ideal Opinions is that they pay via PayPal! Having PayPal as their main payment processor could really jump start their panelist database since tons of survey takers prefer it over other methods of payment. Below is a screen shot of the homepage of Ideal Opinions, its template has a fresh and innovative look to it.

SurveySpot Payment

SurveySpot sent me another payment, this will be my third check from them. My last check I received from SurveySpot was for a whopping $251.50, but this one is only for $13.00. I haven't been completing their surveys as often as I was 6 months ago, my days have become more busy and my inbox is always filled with survey invitations from various companies .... sometimes its honestly hard to keep up with! Anyway below is my third check.

HCD Surveys Payment

Another check I received while I was gone, this one being from HCD Surveys:

Socratic Forum Payment

First I would like to apologize for not posting anything for the past couple weeks. I was out of town visiting family and didn't plan on staying as long as I did, but things came up and I had to stay little longer than expected. After returning, Pella was holding the Tulip Time Festival honoring their Dutch heritage. I spent some time going downtown with friends and trying all the different types of dutch food they had at all the food stands, went on a tour through the history of the town and then finally the parade. I was defiantly busy this past week, but it was fun. I hope all the mothers out there had a great time on Mothers Day!

Anyway, during the time I was gone I received a check(view here) in the mail from Socratic Forum in the amount of $15.00. I requested it on 2/23 and received it around 4/8, so it took about 4 weeks. I probably took about 4 or 5 surveys to acquire that amount, their surveys are pretty fair when it comes to compensation. I have been invited to exclusive panels through Socratic Forum's surveys which is nice. They send a survey or so every month, most of the surveys I am invited to are between $2 & $5.