Synovate Global Opinon Panels Changes Ownership to Ipsos

   A few weeks back Synovate Global Opinion Panels sent out an email informing their panelists of upcoming changes that will make being a survey taking more enjoyable. They also emphasized how this change would bring about a new website, more reward options, new survey layout as well as additional opportunities for contests and sweepstakes.

   Many of you who read this email were probably thinking more along the lines of revamping the site, and even perhaps using a little social networking to add to the features that had been announced. I personally didn't expect a change of ownership. Below is the email I received yesterday explaining the changes that have taken place.

   I'm not sure how I feel about the change yet. At the least, I am hoping the convergence of points from Synovate to i-Say is fair. I do, however, like that you can cash out through PayPal at i-Say. The minimum to cash out through PayPal is 1500 points which is $15. So $1 for 100 points, which isn't too bad of a conversion in the survey world. They also have other methods of payment such as Amazon gift cards, iTunes certificates, American Express gift cards, check, donations or you can use your points for entries in sweepstakes.

   The great thing I noticed about their rewards system is that all the rewards are consistent with points vs dollars. Sometimes you will notice at other survey sites that if you want to cash out through PayPal it may cost you 1700 points instead of the 1500 points that an Amazon gift card will cost you. At i-Say its 1500 points for $15 and it does matter how you want it!

   If you aren't a member of i-Say but would like to become a member, feel free to send me an email at SurveyDirectory@gmail(dot)com with your first name and the email you want the invitation sent to!