i.think Inc. Survey Payment

i.think Inc. is a small but reputable survey company, they don't send that many surveys out but when they do I usually qualify for them. I also receive payment within 4 to 6 weeks as they state, they pay by check so it does take a while to actually get the payment - but they do pay. The surveys tend to pay lower amounts, ranging from $1.00 up to $6.00. I normally get the $2.00 surveys which don't take much time to complete, it would be nice if they send more survey invitations though. i.think Inc. isn't the best survey company but every little bit helps when it comes to todays economy. I use the money I earn from surveys, studies and product tests to buy my son clothes and other necessities, I am also a frugal shopper so that helps as well. I have received a couple checks from i.think Inc for my participation in their surveys, as you can tell from the dates on the checks they don't send that many surveys, or at least ones that I qualify for. Qualifying for surveys also depends on your demographics, so maybe I'm just not what they are looking for most of the time. You win some you lose some. Here are the checks I was able to scan, I have gotten about 3 others but didn't have a scanner at the time and wasn't as technological as I am now.

Pinecone Research - Registration Now Open To Canda

Thats right, registration for Pinecone Research is now open for Canadian residents to join Pinecone Research so hurry up and join before they close it again! It seems that Pinecone gets overwhelming responses when it comes to recruiting from Canada because registration is always closing, at least from what I have seen. The United States and United Kingdom Panel usually has registration open most of the time. I noticed for US residents the amount paid per survey has gone from $5.00 to $3.00, which probably has to do with inflation. Since I joined before they changed the rate I am still paid $5.00 per survey. I'm not sure if they changed the paying rate for UK and Canadian panelists.

From what I am hearing the UK registration may be closed right now, but when they open again I will have the banner back up, US registration is still open to 18-24 year-olds. That doesn't mean to say if you are over those ages you can't register but you may have more difficulty being accepted. You should also be aware that if you tried to sign up a couple weeks ago and haven't been accepted you should not register again since it will cause you to disqualify yourself. Also You have to use Internet Explorer when you sign up, they won't allow you to register using AOL, Firefox, Opera, etc.

The thing I like most about Pinecone Research is that you get to test a product every time you complete a survey from them, of course you have to qualify for them. You will know when you have qualified for a survey because it will usually take twice as long than if you didn't qualify. The household questionnaire is not considered a survey so you won't get product tests with those and won't receive a reward either since you are giving them info so they can send you more surveys that meet your demographics. But overall Pinecone Research is one of the top survey sites along with a few others.

Canadian residents click on the banner to register. US residents can register by clicking •Here•. Registration for UK residents is currently closed.

Women's Sexual Health Study

Recently I found a Women's Sexual Health Study being conducted by Indiana University, I decided to signup since it seemed like it would be an interesting study and of course the $25 I would receive. The study stated it would be about the following: "The purpose of this study is to assess women’s feelings about, experiences with, and ratings of personal lubricants that are used for sexual activities that occur alone or with a partner. You will also be asked to provide the research team with your name and mailing address. This information will be used to mail you one package that contains three (3) bottles of a water-based or silicone-based personal lubricant." This made me want to participate in the study even more, you get free personal lubricant as well as a $25 reward! Who wouldn't want to participate? Well I am sure there are people that wouldn't because of how personal they get in the study, but thats the whole point of the study..... to get personal.

About a day later I received an email stating that I qualified to participate in the study, I then had to go through the process of making a username and password as well as signing a information consent form. I had to take a daily survey for 5 weeks, they sent me daily reminders to my email address to login and complete the survey. The survey basically consisted of questions asking about my sexual health, if I had sex that day, how many times, and what lubricant I used(the study lubricant or my own personal lubricant) if any was used at all. So they got pretty personal in that area, lol. Surprisingly the daily survey only took about 5 to 10 minutes to complete, and if you didn't have sex that day it was shorter.

When I completed the last daily survey of the study I was given an exit survey asking about my experiences with the study and lubricant that I used. I answered the 2 minute survey and that concluded my participation in the Women's Sexual Health Study. Two weeks after I took the exit survey I received my $25 gift card in the mail along with a letter, the $25 gift card was only redeemable at PureRomance.com.

PureRomance.com is an in-home party company which offers an exclusive line of heighteners, lubricants and bedroom accessories for relationship enhancement. I guess they wanted their study participants to spend the money they earned on something that would help their sexual health or at least make their sexual experience more fun, not a bad idea in my opinion. I ordered a couple things from the website and used the whole $25 on my gift card, the items arrived at my door in about 3 days. Anyway here is the letter I received.