Pinecone Research - Registration Now Open To Canda


Thats right, registration for Pinecone Research is now open for Canadian residents to join Pinecone Research so hurry up and join before they close it again! It seems that Pinecone gets overwhelming responses when it comes to recruiting from Canada because registration is always closing, at least from what I have seen. The United States and United Kingdom Panel usually has registration open most of the time. I noticed for US residents the amount paid per survey has gone from $5.00 to $3.00, which probably has to do with inflation. Since I joined before they changed the rate I am still paid $5.00 per survey. I'm not sure if they changed the paying rate for UK and Canadian panelists.

From what I am hearing the UK registration may be closed right now, but when they open again I will have the banner back up, US registration is still open to 18-24 year-olds. That doesn't mean to say if you are over those ages you can't register but you may have more difficulty being accepted. You should also be aware that if you tried to sign up a couple weeks ago and haven't been accepted you should not register again since it will cause you to disqualify yourself. Also You have to use Internet Explorer when you sign up, they won't allow you to register using AOL, Firefox, Opera, etc.

The thing I like most about Pinecone Research is that you get to test a product every time you complete a survey from them, of course you have to qualify for them. You will know when you have qualified for a survey because it will usually take twice as long than if you didn't qualify. The household questionnaire is not considered a survey so you won't get product tests with those and won't receive a reward either since you are giving them info so they can send you more surveys that meet your demographics. But overall Pinecone Research is one of the top survey sites along with a few others.

Canadian residents click on the banner to register. US residents can register by clicking •Here•. Registration for UK residents is currently closed.