PSB Survey - Energizer Batteries


While I was checking one of my other email addresses, the one mostly filled with spam, I came across a survey from energizer that was hosted by PSB (Penn, Schoen and Berland). I usually go through my other email accounts monthly and clear them out, well the spam infeste ones at least, lol. It was pretty surprising to see a survey waiting for me, I was even more surprised that the survey was still open considering it was from over a month ago. The survey was probably about 5-8 minutes long, and for a $1 reward I wasn't going to complain. They were paying either by PayPal or Check, I decided to just have them send me a check.... then maybe I would get my payment proof up faster. So here is what the invitation stated:

You are invited to take part in a special public opinion
. You will be asked to give your opinions on the
battery industry. There are no right or wrong answers for
this special survey.

This short survey should take no more than 10 minutes of
your time and we think you will find it fun and
interesting. Your opinions are important to us, so please
share them.

As a thank you for sharing your thoughts, you will earn $1
when you complete the survey.
Did anyone else get a survey from them? Or from other companies? I had to enter a password that was int he survey invitation, so I think only a select few may have gotten the chance to participate. I guess it pays off to sign up for news letters from different websites, not only do you get the latest news or savings you might get a paying survey to do as well.

Opinion Place's New Rewards Merchant

Opinion Place now has a new rewards merchant and just in time for the holiday shopping. If you shop on Amazon you will be thrilled to know that they are now adding the reward option of Amazon Gift Cards. They added Amazon Gift Cards because members like you wanted more ways to be rewarded for their opinions. I think this is a good addition to their already great rewards, I use amazon from time to time and these gift cards are an easy way to save money and sometimes time. What do you think of this addition? Do you use Amazon Gift Cards? Below is what was stated in the email that was sent to members:

Dear Valued Opinion Place® Member,

Great News! Just in time for holiday shopping,® Gift Cards* have been added as our newest reward choice! We heard from members like you who said they wanted more and relevant options for rewards. Amazon Gift Cards can be redeemed for just about anything you need including music, toys, electronics, books, and apparel.

Now you can choose between Gift Cards, PayPal® credits, AAdvantage® miles, an entry into our monthly $1,000 sweepstakes, or credit on the card you provided AOL® if you pay for AOL services! You have the option to choose a different reward each time you take a survey!

Please click HERE to visit Opinion Place.

Opinion Place is open day and night for you to get credit for completing surveys!

We hope to see you soon!

P.S. Survey participation is on a first come first served basis. So visit Opinion Place today!


Have you heard about MobileXpression? I just got an email from Opinion Square about MobileXpression, maybe Opinion Square is expanding to mobile users? They are both partnered with comScore, Inc., a U.S.-based market research company that is a nationally-recognized authority on Internet and general economic trends. I took some time checking out MobileXpression, it seems like an okay deal. You do have to install some software on your phone so that they are able to monitor each mobile users internet surfing trends. For example they want to know if certain websites are accessed more via computer or mobile device. They state that they will never record phone numbers you call or receive and the software is only used to monitor your surfing trends. They will also occasionally do phone surveys. It doesn't directly state if each phone survey will be compensated, but in another section it states,

"You’ll be rewarded when you join MobileXpression. In addition to the incentive you receive for joining today, we provide our MobileXpression members with opportunities for cash, gift cards, and merchandise. And all MobileXpression members are eligible to participate in the "Your Opinion Matters" sweepstakes which offers a chance at the Grand Prize of $100,000. One winner will be chosen each month who will win $100 and will then have the chance to win $2500, $5000, or even $100,000."
It looks like their panel is international, from the list of mobile carriers they have about 20 or more listed. When you signup they also have you pick out your phone manufacturer and your phone model, if your phone isn't listed you can still signup but you can not participate until your mobile device is added to their list. When they add your mobile device they will email you letting you know so you can start using the software.

I don't have internet on my phone so I am passing on this one, but I'm sure there are people out there that use their mobile device to search the web all the time. If you like surfing the internet on your phone might as well join the panel and get something out of it.

Greenfield Online's Holiday Gift

I started getting emails from Greenfield Online a few days ago stating that every survey that was completed through that invitation would pay me $0.50, this was their "Holiday Gift" to members. Seems pretty good since a lot of their surveys are for sweepstakes anyways, right? Well I decided to try this out since it seemed like it was a pretty good deal. I went through the profiler section where they ask you questions so they can match to a survey. I was then matched and given info about the survey - reward, time length etc. The first survey I was matched with was 30 minutes long, I thought that survey was too long for just $0.50 so I tried again for a different survey though the invitation I received. This time it was a 20 minute survey, I figured this was the best I was gonna get since they are Greenfield surveys. I did notice that after filling out the profiler that time they said the reward was going to be a sweepstakes entry, so do we get $0.50 for filling it out? I am not sure myself about this since I was screened out of the survey. I get screened out of their surveys 60% of the time so I concluded maybe it wasn't worth my time for $0.50 more in my account. If you have a better experience with Greenfield than I do you may want to keep an eye out for those special invitations, and hurry because this "holiday gift" is only good until the 18th of December! Here is a screenshot of the invitation below, just click on the picture to enlarge it. Good Luck!

American Consumer Opinion Panel Payment

About three weeks ago I completed a product test for American Consumer Opinion Panel, the product test from start to finish took about 2 weeks. This may seem like a long period of time to test a product but most product tests usually range from 1 week to 3 weeks, I have even done a couple that last up to 2 months! The more time you spend on a product test the higher the payout for that product test is. That doesn't mean you should keep the product longer then specified in the instructions that came with the product, they will state how long you will need to test it and what the compensation for your participation will be. Anyway, I believe this is my first product test I have received from American Consumer Opinion Panel so far, I actually didn't know they sent out surveys for product tests. For this particular product test I was compensated with $4.00, that may not seem like much but I also got to keep the product as well.
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GlobalTestMarket Sweepstakes!

For every survey that you complete up until the 30th of October you well earn two entries into a $500 sweepstakes. Even if you don't qualify for a survey you still will receive one entry for every survey. Will you be on of the 30 lucky members to win?

Not a member yet? Get an invitation to GlobalTestMarket by sending an email to SurveyDirectory@gmail(dot)com with "GlobalTestMarket" in the subject along with the email address you want the invite sent too.

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Even if you don’t qualify for all the surveys you start, you will receive one sweepstakes entry for each survey, in addition to the usual award of 5 MarketPoints. Thirty lucky GlobalTestMarket members will be randomly selected to receive this prize.

The purpose of this sweepstakes is to thank you for your patience while we make some very important changes to the GlobalTestMarket site. The GlobalTestMarket team is working harder than ever to bring you surveys that are the best fit for you based on your profile. We appreciate your patience.

Remember, every survey you take from now until December 30th could be worth an extra $500! So respond to surveys early, respond often, and stay tuned for the results!

The GlobalTestMarket Team

Get Birthday Points From Synovate

Synovate Global Opinion Panels rewards you with 100 points just for it being your birthday! I got an email at the beginning of December stating that since my is coming up soon I will be rewarded with 100 points ... I can't believe I'm going to be 21! Anyway they send you an email with a picture of birthday candles along with a message. Be on the lookout for an email when your birthday is coming up because you have to click the link in the email in order for the 100 points to credit to your account. I am thinking the email will probably come a couple weeks or so before your birthday so make sure you add "FromMarie@synovate(dot)net" to your contact list so it doesn't go into your spam.

Happy Birthday from Synovate Global Opinion Panels!

Your 100 birthday points have been credited to your account.

We hope you enjoy YOUR day!

*Note: Re-clicking the link will not result in additional points. Your 100 birthday points will be credited once to your account.


That's right, CASH...not drawings to win cash. CLICK HERE to log into your account to find available surveys, update your profile, review your points balance, and redeem your points for cash!

Diaper Studies - Arquest & Nieto Research

There are a couple diaper studies open right now, one is though Arquest and the other is through Nieto Research. I couldn't find a website for Neito Research but here is the website for Arquest. Although I couldn't find a website for Nieto Research, I have participated in one of their Diaper Studies before and was sent over 2 dozen diapers. I just had to fill out a form about each diaper package and what I liked or disliked, how they fit, etc.

Arquest need Boys and Girls who wear Size 4 diapers. If you are chosen you will be sent a pack of diapers, then you will be asks a couple questions about them. When you have completed the study they will mail you a $10 check for your participation. They tend to alternate the size of the diapers for the studies monthly. So even if you are not sure what studies they may be conducting you can call them and ask. They mail tell you to call back a month or two later depending on what size diaper your baby/toddler wears.

For boys use Ext. 634
For Girls use Ext. 646

You can call Nieto Research at a toll free number, if you don't get a live person then you can leave a voicemail recording stating that you would like
to participate in a diaper study and leave your phone number so they can call you back. You can also send them an email at or (Priority is given to those who email.). Tell them you would like to participate in a diaper study. They’ll need your name, phone number and child’s weight and diaper size. Nieto Research also has Feminine Care Product Studies as well. I just got a call today from them to update my info in their system, they said they had a study available but I didn't qualify since I didn't use that type of product regularly - "only when I can't afford my regular product", the lady laughed and agreed with me. Every time someone calls from Nieto they are always very nice.


If anyone gets in let me know, I would like you to add your experiences! Or if you have past experiences please share them with others by posting it here. Good Luck!