Two Payments From FGI Research

In checking my PayPal account today I found that FGI Research had sent me two payments for surveys that I had completed. The payments were for $1.00 and $0.50, the surveys are usually 5-10 minutes long so I didn't spent very much time to earn $1.50 that day. FGI Research sends 1-2 surveys a month, compensation is regularly around $0.50-$2.00 per survey. They aren't the greatest survey site but at least they pay and the compensation per survey is fair. Click here and here to view these payment proofs, they will open in a new window.

Datatelligence Payment

I completed a survey from Datatelligence about a week ago. They promised a $10 Amazon gift card if I qualified and completed the entire survey, in which case I did. If you would like to see the payment proof please click here. I don't really use Amazon that much so I wasn't ecstatic when I saw the survey invite in my inbox, I'd rather get cash or money via PayPal. I'm sure some of you love Amazon and getting gift cards from survey sites to redeem on merchandise .... I just really don't know what to buy when I do get these gift card codes, lol. I can spend probably 2 hours on Amazon looking at tons of things, and still not find something I want to buy.

Datatelligence sends paid surveys every now and then, most of them are for sweepstakes or points that you can redeem for rewards from their site. Like Lightspeed, they are partnered with Perks for distributing members rewards. Unfortunately they do not have PayPal as a reward option. Joining the "sub-panels" within your members area will increase the surveys they send you. I joined two more sub-panels when I logged in today, one was for alcohol and the other was for media. When you join a sub-panel you will have to complete a very brief survey, they take about 1-5 minutes each.

HCD Surveys - $50 Incentive

Upon checking my email account I saw that I received an email this morning for an in-depth interview HCD Surveys is conducting. The interview will be regarding a specific ailment and will be conducted over the phone and on the internet. They state that this in-depth interview will only last about 30 minutes and you will be compensated with a $50 incentive. To receive the $50 incentive you must register and qualify and participate in this research. You will need to have access to both the internet and the telephone simultaneously in order to participate in the study.

If you would like to see if you qualify for this study, check your email account now. In order to be able to register for the study you have to be invited, in the Study invite HCD Surveys will provide you with an ID Number and Pass Key. I registered and went through the screening questions to see if I qualified, however, I have no ailments presented in the screener and did not qualify. Oh well, another $50 would have been nice. Good Luck to everyone else!

Join Orbit Insiders!

Do you love Orbit Gum as much as I do? Would you like to share your opinion about Orbit Gum and its packaging? You may also be given the opportunity to test Orbit Gum before it hits the stores and tell them what you like or dislike about it.

I joined earlier this week when I was invited during a survey I took through Opinion Outpost. I have already participated in polls and discussions about Orbit Gum . I was also invited to try out a new type of Orbit gum before it goes public, I just got the pack of gum today. Don't miss what's going on this week at Orbit Insiders:

This week it's all about 35's; 35 pieces of Orbit that is, in our new Big Pak. Login and take a quick Poll, and then head over to the Big Pak Premiere Activity and let us know what you think about the new Big Pak packaging and advertising. We want to hear all of your juicy feedback – don't be shy!

Click here to see if you qualify to join Orbit Insiders!

Is BigSpot Legit?

While I was browsing through a forum I saw a question asking if BigSpot was a legit survey site. I had never heard of this site - I know and am a member of a lot of survey sites too. I then browsed more and found that people were seeing a commercial about them on TV. As soon as I heard that, I immediately thought its probably some type of scheme. I went to their website which is hosted by Survey Payoff, that name seemed familiar. I then realized I had seen the Survey Payoff logo on offer landing pages among other imitator survey sites. This told me that they were not very trustworthy - at least in my book.

I decided to sign up for BigSpot, of course using one of my "spam" email addresses just for this purpose. I filled out the form that is presented on the first page then clicked "click to join". They then informed me that based on my demographics I had "privately qualified"(what does that even mean?)for the Ipsos i-Say and that I would just have to check the box in order to join. Why how nice of them ..... to bad I am already a member. I was also assured that I would still have complete access to the database after joining. I was expecting them to tell me to check my email to activate my account, but this was not the case.

Click To See Screen Shot

Now here comes the fun part, they are so generous that before I get a chance to see this "database" I can choose some offers that may interest me. There are a couple survey sites listed as well as dieting and cheap travel offers. Well good thing I'm not on a diet or traveling anytime soon or I might have just check "yes" to those offers. This is the part where the privacy of your information comes into play, if you click "yes" to any of those offers you are giving them permission to contact you. Well, if you want more info on those offers then you probably won't mind, but how loose are their privacy policies?

Click To See Screen Shot

After clicking "Submit & Continue!" you are taken to the page below. At this point your probably thinking they are loading your demographics to match you up with surveys, at least that's what it seems. It does say "survey database" not "survey site database".

Click To See Screen Shot

Finally the page gets redirected to this great "survey database" .... oh wait its actually a "survey site database". When I saw the database of survey sites, the first thing I thought was "that's all?". Seriously, they only list a measly 12 survey sites, correction 11 survey sites "Quality Survey Panel" is nothing but the Quality Health website where you get free samples by basically completing offers. All the links lead to the correct sites except for "African American Panel" which actually leads to Mindfield Online. The other 10 survey sites they list are:

Lightspeed Research Panel
Valued Opinions Panel
My Survey Panel
i-Say Survey Panel
American Consumer Panel
E-Poll Research Panel
eSearch Survey Panel
SurveySavvy Panel

That's it, they ask you to bookmark the page and share it with others via Myspace and Facebook. Seems like they want their "members" to do the advertising for them.

Click To See Screen Shot

The Gist of BigSpot: BigSpot is just another affiliate marketing site looking to make an extra buck from unsuspecting viewers. I'm not saying that affiliate marketing is bad, it can actually be a good thing. What I am concerned about is that they are somewhat misleading to the general viewers of their website. Also throwing in offers during the registration process just bothers me, the site is making you go through unnecessary tasks in order to join. A legitimate survey site wouldn't make you jump through hoops, they may want you to complete profile surveys but this is to your benefit. BigSpot's database is sad to say the least, if I was going to spend money advertising on TV I would be sure to add a lot more survey sites to the list as well as have the links send my members to the correct sites.

You will gain nothing from joining BigSpot, maybe extra unwanted emails but that's about it. You do not need to sign up with them in order to find survey sites that are available to you. There are free directories out there that will provide you with much more information then BigSpot's database. I know for a fact I even have more survey sites listed on my blog then they do, and thats pretty pathetic. If you notice on the main page they state:

"If you have access to the Internet and live in the United States or Canada, you can be an online survey taker."

What about people that live outside of the United States and Canada? What about the rest of the world that wants to voice their opinion? Well, I guess International members just don't bring in enough income for them to list sites that would allow them to join and make some extra money. I am pretty sure that is exactly why they state what they do, they only get paid when people from those countries join the panels they list. Maybe I am being a little harsh, but I believe if you are going to list survey sites why limit them to people of certain residency when there are survey panels where international members can share their opinions and get paid for it.

Chronic Back Pain Study


I stumbled upon a Chronic Back Pain study that is paying up to $135 for participation that will last about 6-7 weeks. This study may or may not be active, but it is defiantly worth a try if you are suffering from chronic back pain.

More details below:

Welcome to the Wellness Workbook study!
Thank you for your interest!

This study is being conducted by Talaria, Inc., a small research and development company that creates health care training. We are developing this interactive software tutorial to provide infomation and support for patients with non-cancer pain. This project is funded by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the National Institute of Arthritis, Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Participating in the study involves consenting to participate, filling out questionnaires, and viewing the tutorial online. The whole study takes about 6-7 weeks to complete. Your login ID and password will allow you to log in as often as you like, finishing as much or as little of the tutorial as your time allows. You will receive up to $135 for your participation.

This project is supported by grants 1R43AR052569-01 from the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases and 5R44CA094434-03 from the National Cancer Institute. Its contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of the National Institutes of Health.

Click Here

Opinion Outpost Payment & Bulletin

I requested a $20.00 payment from Opinion Outpost a about a month ago, this will be my first payment from them. I received the check in the mail last week, please click here if you would like to see my payment proof.

Opinion Outpost has improved on the amount of surveys they send out compared to a year ago, at least I personally saw an increase. They also improved the look of their website, as well as making it easier to navigate. You may have also noticed they implemented a "Thank You Rewards" system, they give you a choice of an instant game, donation or sweepstakes when you don't qualify for a survey.

Opinion Outpost sent out a bulletinbulletin in late February. In the Winter 2009 bulletin they answer questions about how to receive more surveys that they you will qualify for and how their rewards system works when you don't qualify for a survey. Late checks are also addressed - If you have been waiting a while for your check please read this post.

Pinecone Research Advisory About Surveys

Pinecone Research has added a advisory about the deadlines of their surveys, usually these advisories are located at the end page of each survey. It states that there will be more variability in their surveys and that the amount of time that the surveys are available may only be for a couple says. Becuase of this, they recommend checking your email regularly so you won't miss out on any opportunities.

I personally haven't seen a drastic change how long the surveys are open, at least not with the last couple that I have completed. Both the surveys were open for about 4 days, which seems normal compared to the previous surveys I have completed. Those of you that don't check their email regularly may start wanting to now that these changes will go into affect soon.

Also since Pinecone upgraded their surveys, for a more pleasant survey experience I suppose, some people may find that they are having trouble completing a survey. I recommend trying to complete the survey on another computer. If you miss too many surveys Pinecone will see this and may feel that you are no longer a needed member since you missed chances at expressing your opinion. I do not agree with how they pick members out to discontinue from their panel, but I can also see why they do it.

Spectrum Discovery Center - March Madness

Spectrum Discovery Center is once again holding March Madness! This is a contest that is held to help their survey panel grow and expand. Here is a little bit about the survey panel:

The Spectrum Discovery Center is dedicated to the highest level of testing and research for consumer products. For your business, we offer the opportunity to ensure your product is on target with your consumer. As a consumer, we offer you the unique opportunity to earn extra cash while influencing what manufacturers make and sell to the public.

Based in New Providence, NJ, SDC clients include many Fortune 500 companies, major universities, and government agencies. SDC is now opening their second location, Spectrum Discovery Center North Carolina in Kannapolis as a part of the brand new North Carolina Research Campus. Collaboration between SDC and NCRC hope to gain discoveries in health, nutrition, and wellness of people around the world.

When you join Spectrum Discovery Center you will also have the option of adding other members of your household to participate as well. They have different types of studies from surveys and product tests to focus groups. You will periodically receive an email or phone call from Spectrum Discovery Center asking you to participate in a study. Like other survey sites you must first complete a screening questionnaire to qualify. When you qualify, you will be given information on the type of product you will be testing, the payment amount and the testing times available. Participation in a study is always voluntary. If you would like to join Spectrum Discovery Center then proceed to there website and click on "start getting paid for your opinion" on the right side of the page. When completing the registration form you will see a place where you can put a referral user id, if you would like to please include the following id: 63801841.

Good Luck!

American Consumer Opinion Panel Payment

American Consumer Opinion Panel sent me another payment via check in the amount of $12.00. To view my 6th payment please click here. I have been a member for sometime now and enjoy taking their surveys for the most part. For most of the surveys they conduct, they first send out a pre-screener to see if you have a good chance of qualifying. I have received a couple product tests from American Consumer Opinion Panel in the past, I was fairly compensated for my participation and also was allowed to keep the product - which is always a plus. The survey panel is international, and open to everyone 14 years or older.

Your2Cents Payment - Finally!

I finally got my check from Your2Cents - it took a little over 2 months! This defiantly isn't a timely manner. I checked their FAQ's and Privacy Policy I found nothing about the processing time of payments. I then click on "Survey Support" at the bottom of the page and then chose "When will I receive my incentive reward?" it stated: "You should receive your incentive reward 6-8 weeks after you complete the survey. If you have not received your incentive reward and it has been more than 8 weeks, please fill out a support ticket." Obviously this survey support is pretty outdated since they don't sent payment after you complete each survey, you request a check for $10 or more and then they send you payment.

Although their payments are late I personally enjoy their surveys and am usually rewarded fairly for them. Even with their new point system I am still compensated well for my opinion, not sure why they switched over to the point system in the first place. I wrote a message to Your2Cents support department today expressing my concern about the amount of time it took to process my payment. Hopefully they get back to me within the 24-48 hours like stated.

Update 3/2/09

I received a reply from Your2Cents about the time it took to process my payment. Here is what they stated:

"We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you. Our incentives department was not processing checks the whole month of December; processing began again on January 5/09 and from this date it will be 6-8 weeks to receive your incentive reward. Once again we would like to apologize for the delay in you incentive reward."

They should have sent out an email or posted an update when you login about this. It would have been nice to know that I would have to wait more than 2 months to get my payment, at least I would have felt informed.