HCD Surveys - $50 Incentive


Upon checking my email account I saw that I received an email this morning for an in-depth interview HCD Surveys is conducting. The interview will be regarding a specific ailment and will be conducted over the phone and on the internet. They state that this in-depth interview will only last about 30 minutes and you will be compensated with a $50 incentive. To receive the $50 incentive you must register and qualify and participate in this research. You will need to have access to both the internet and the telephone simultaneously in order to participate in the study.

If you would like to see if you qualify for this study, check your email account now. In order to be able to register for the study you have to be invited, in the Study invite HCD Surveys will provide you with an ID Number and Pass Key. I registered and went through the screening questions to see if I qualified, however, I have no ailments presented in the screener and did not qualify. Oh well, another $50 would have been nice. Good Luck to everyone else!