Datatelligence Payment

I completed a survey from Datatelligence about a week ago. They promised a $10 Amazon gift card if I qualified and completed the entire survey, in which case I did. If you would like to see the payment proof please click here. I don't really use Amazon that much so I wasn't ecstatic when I saw the survey invite in my inbox, I'd rather get cash or money via PayPal. I'm sure some of you love Amazon and getting gift cards from survey sites to redeem on merchandise .... I just really don't know what to buy when I do get these gift card codes, lol. I can spend probably 2 hours on Amazon looking at tons of things, and still not find something I want to buy.

Datatelligence sends paid surveys every now and then, most of them are for sweepstakes or points that you can redeem for rewards from their site. Like Lightspeed, they are partnered with Perks for distributing members rewards. Unfortunately they do not have PayPal as a reward option. Joining the "sub-panels" within your members area will increase the surveys they send you. I joined two more sub-panels when I logged in today, one was for alcohol and the other was for media. When you join a sub-panel you will have to complete a very brief survey, they take about 1-5 minutes each.