Opinion Outpost Payment & Bulletin

I requested a $20.00 payment from Opinion Outpost a about a month ago, this will be my first payment from them. I received the check in the mail last week, please click here if you would like to see my payment proof.

Opinion Outpost has improved on the amount of surveys they send out compared to a year ago, at least I personally saw an increase. They also improved the look of their website, as well as making it easier to navigate. You may have also noticed they implemented a "Thank You Rewards" system, they give you a choice of an instant game, donation or sweepstakes when you don't qualify for a survey.

Opinion Outpost sent out a bulletinbulletin in late February. In the Winter 2009 bulletin they answer questions about how to receive more surveys that they you will qualify for and how their rewards system works when you don't qualify for a survey. Late checks are also addressed - If you have been waiting a while for your check please read this post.