Pinecone Research Advisory About Surveys

Pinecone Research has added a advisory about the deadlines of their surveys, usually these advisories are located at the end page of each survey. It states that there will be more variability in their surveys and that the amount of time that the surveys are available may only be for a couple says. Becuase of this, they recommend checking your email regularly so you won't miss out on any opportunities.

I personally haven't seen a drastic change how long the surveys are open, at least not with the last couple that I have completed. Both the surveys were open for about 4 days, which seems normal compared to the previous surveys I have completed. Those of you that don't check their email regularly may start wanting to now that these changes will go into affect soon.

Also since Pinecone upgraded their surveys, for a more pleasant survey experience I suppose, some people may find that they are having trouble completing a survey. I recommend trying to complete the survey on another computer. If you miss too many surveys Pinecone will see this and may feel that you are no longer a needed member since you missed chances at expressing your opinion. I do not agree with how they pick members out to discontinue from their panel, but I can also see why they do it.