Greenfield Online's Holiday Gift

I started getting emails from Greenfield Online a few days ago stating that every survey that was completed through that invitation would pay me $0.50, this was their "Holiday Gift" to members. Seems pretty good since a lot of their surveys are for sweepstakes anyways, right? Well I decided to try this out since it seemed like it was a pretty good deal. I went through the profiler section where they ask you questions so they can match to a survey. I was then matched and given info about the survey - reward, time length etc. The first survey I was matched with was 30 minutes long, I thought that survey was too long for just $0.50 so I tried again for a different survey though the invitation I received. This time it was a 20 minute survey, I figured this was the best I was gonna get since they are Greenfield surveys. I did notice that after filling out the profiler that time they said the reward was going to be a sweepstakes entry, so do we get $0.50 for filling it out? I am not sure myself about this since I was screened out of the survey. I get screened out of their surveys 60% of the time so I concluded maybe it wasn't worth my time for $0.50 more in my account. If you have a better experience with Greenfield than I do you may want to keep an eye out for those special invitations, and hurry because this "holiday gift" is only good until the 18th of December! Here is a screenshot of the invitation below, just click on the picture to enlarge it. Good Luck!