Springboard America & Zandl Group

I finally checked my email today, my apologies. Anyway, one of my readers, John, found a couple new survey sites that I wasn't aware of and emailed them to me. They are Zandl Group and Springboard America, both survey sites are run by well-respected research firms and are based in North America.

Springboard America's surveys will pay between $1 and $5, the only downfall to this survey site is that you will have to cash out in $50 increments via check. The members section of the site is nice and organized and gives you the following options: Home, My Participation History. Update My Profile, About My Survey Dollars, Support & FAQ's, About Us, as well as a chart showing your current balance, total earnings total redemption. All in all Springboard America's website is a well put together and the look of it is very modern and professional.

Zandl Group is based in New York and has an urban look to their website. this panel is currently only open to people ages 21-39, they personally recruite and pre-screen everyone who is interested in becoming a part of the panel. Zandl Group's surveys pay $1-$10 via PayPal. I have read in forums that people have been paid for completing their surveys, sounds like this one is a keeper.

Stop by both sites and join if you want to share your opinions for some extra cash in your pocket. If you have already been paid by one of these survey sites, let us know! Pictures of your payment proof are always welcome. Good Luck to everyone who joins either panel.