Your2Cents - More Rewards


Your2Cents listened to your opinions about profile surveys in the member area and have changed it so you are now rewarded for it. I'm sure the members who have been with Your2Cents remember completing those awfully long profile surveys and then you had to wait to get that $1 bonus until it was tied to a paid survey. Those days are over, they have but the feedback of their members into action. The profile surveys before were re-grouped into 15 shorter profiles, and they have added a couple more as well. For each profile you complete you will be awarded 300 points, when you complete all of your profile surveys you will be awarded with an additional 2,000 points. Your2Cents also stated there will be more changes in the summer, more ways to redeem your points ..... hopefully they are thinking about using PayPal. We will just have to wait and see.

I checked my account at Your2Cents and seen that these changes haven't taken place yet, or at least my account hasn't been effected. I did take all my profile surveys when i joined and have already received compensation for all of them, so maybe my profiles won't change because of this? Has anyone else seen a change in their profile section?