i.think inc. - Members Wanted!


I received an email from i.think inc. earlier today, it seems that they are looking for new members to join their panel. According to the email they want people who live in a certain area, so if you live in the area that is specified below you may want to join their panel since there is an upcoming study that you may qualify for. Here is what the email stated:

We have a study coming up and we could use your help finding people to participate in it.

Do you know anyone in Dallas/Ft Worth, Denver, or Philadelphia? If so, please refer them to the i.think inc. panel! There is no selling involved, we are simply looking for people to join our panel.

We are specifically looking for 16-21 year olds or households that have 16-21 year olds in them.

So if you live in the Dallas/Ft Worth, Denver, or Philadelphia area and want to join the panel, just click here. If you want to see payment proof that I have received from i.think inc. please refer to this page. If you are not from the Dallas/Ft Worth, Denver, or Philadelphia area but you stil want to become a member please visit their website here.