$500 Study for Blogging About Your Car!


The following study is for Men and Women between the ages of 35-55 years of age who live in Boston, MA; South Florida, Dallas, TX and Los Angeles, CA who currently either own or lease a Lexus RX330 or BMW 5 Series. Please be aware that you will need to email us pictures of your car (the rear of the car) as well as your registration.

If you are interested in this study, and are selected to participate you will be paid $500.00 for blogging at home.

Please click the following link to fill-in the preliminary information we need, do not email your pictures until I email you to do so. Below is additional information about the study if you are selected.


We are currently conducting a very interesting study in your area. Instead of a focus group or an in-home visit for a couple of hours, we want you for six days! During this period we will work with you to create a profile of your life, your family and your wishes on an online secured blog site. So, be prepared not just for an interesting experience but one in which you may learn quite a bit about yourself. Here’s how it works.

Over the course of 6 days we need you for about 6 ½ hours. If you choose to do more that’s great. For this, you will be paid $500.

Your time will be split up as follows:

Someone from our staff will come to your home and take pictures of you and your car!

-A daily assignment on the computer as well as one, one-hour phone interview, for a total of approximately 6 1/2 hours over 6 days.

-We’ll also have you take 30 photos with your digital camera. We will tell you what to photograph, and ask you to email them that will upload them to your blog on a daily basis.

-We may also contact after the study is over with a follow-up exercise, for which you will be paid another small stipend.

Again, you will be paid a $500 check for your time,

Access to your profile: For two weeks at the end of the study, we will give you access to your profile that we’ve created with you. Most participants think that the opportunity to really think about every aspect of their lives - and then see it - is a valuable experience.

Don’t worry about the technology or the content...it’s really easy to post, and we’ll help you with that and the assignments we give you will be fun and different.

**Borrowed - Thanks atprm!