Your2Cents Update


I almost forgot! Your2Cents sent out an email in late August stating that they will be sending out more surveys to members since a lot of members have been telling them they want more opportunities to share their opinion. Also they are getting a new checking processing system installed so that members will get their checks faster. I am glad they are upgrading their check processing system, I have seen other members comment that they would have to wait almost 2 months for their checks! Thankfully when I cashed out I received my check within a month, I would be a little peeved if I had to what 2 months(lol).

So if you weren't getting many survey invitations before, you may be getting more soon to come! I have already noticed an increase in survey invites, I just got one today for a $15 product test. I would say they are doing an okay job by me so far. :)
Here's what the email said incase some of you didn't get it (I know mine got caught in the spambox ( lol)):

Dear Tristen:

Thank you for sharing your opinions with us. We are writing to let you know about some things we are doing to help make your membership experience more satisfying:
  • Expect more survey opportunities in the coming months. Many of you have expressed an interest in receiving more survey opportunities, so we are working to deliver them. As always, participation is your choice.
  • Get your reward checks delivered faster. We have installed a new system that will reduce check processing time to 2 to 3 weeks from redemption to mailbox.
To enable the reduction in check processing time we have installed a new check printing process and we will be changing the reward redemption minimum from $5 to $10 for check requests received starting on September 1, 2008.Many of you are regularly redeeming at the $10 mark already. Remember, we are also working to bring you more survey opportunities, and more chances to earn rewards.

We appreciate the time you spend sharing your opinions with us. Thank you for your membership.

The Panel Support Team at Your2Cents


elpaso95 said...

Let Me Tell You About What!! I Think About Your2Cents.

They Just Sent My $15.00 Check After Nine Weeks. Let Be Be Honest & Sincerely Without being X-Rated About My Feelings Towards Your2Cents!!!

I Have Only Recieved 1 Check Only From Then & That Took A Long Dam Azz Times? I Think That It Is Best For Me To Resign From This Wicked Survey Company. They Said That They Have A Specail Comapny That Will Handle All Of Their Checks That They Will Be Sending Out & That It Will Take 2-4 Weeks Before You Will Get Your Check? ( Ha-Ha-Ha) How Dissapointing

Here Is My Survey + Check History!

Requested Check Date: 8/08/2008
Sent Check Date : 9/19/2008 = 5 Dam Weeks

Requested Check Date: 11/29/2008
Sent Check Date : 2/06/2009

Question Is This Fair????????????????????
I Could have Walked Frigging Backwards! Or Walked To China First & Still Would Have Gotten My Check Sooner!!

Is This Fair????????????????