GlobalTestMarket - MarketPoints Update

GlobalTestMarket Sent out an email today stating that your MarketPoints may not show up right away die to a system delay, so if you are a member and have been wondering why your MarketPoints aren't crediting this is the reason why. Here is a copy of the email:

Dear Member,

You may have noticed last week that there was a delay from when you took a GlobalTestMarket survey to when your MarketPoints showed up in your account. Don't worry! We record all your survey activity and the MarketPoints you earn, and these points have already been credited to your account. Our system was operating on a 4-7 day delay, so your MarketPoints didn't appear in your account right away.

Your account is now up to date and we apologize for any inconvenience these technical difficulties may have caused. MarketPoints should now appear in your account within 24 hours of survey participation. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Gabriella McNabb

If you would like to become a member of GlobalTestMarket please send me an email to SurveyDirectory@gmail(dot)com with "GlobalTestMarket Invite" in the subject line and I would be delighted to sent you an invite. Although you can signup directly from their site I would greatly appreciate it if you signup through me. :)