Contract Testing

I become a panelist for Contract Testing Inc. a while back, I didn't think much of them until now. Today I was invited to a Research Study that would pay me $300! I still have to call them and go through a 20 minute qualifying process, but I think its worth the 20 minutes if I do qualify because I will then get paid $300. They state on their website that they are pretty strict on what panelist they select for each study they conduct, this may have been the reason I didn't get anything from them before.

If you are not a panelist already you should consider joining, they pay very well for the research studies they conduct. You may not get tons of studies but the amount paid per study makes Contract Testing Inc. a great site to be a part of.

Contract Testing Inc. specializes in sensory evaluations where you the consumer are asked to give opinions about the taste, texture, smell, appearance, etc. of various products.

CTI was established in 1985 by Lanny Scholes. A pioneer in the sensory field with more experience than anyone else in Canada, Lanny is a bona fide industry force. She has built CTI's enviable leadership position by forging new creative approaches to meaningful research.

CTI is always thinking ahead, searching for new and still better ways to help ensure that our clients' products fly. Spearheading these initiatives is the next generation of research and marketing leaders, Dan Scholes, Andrew Scholes and Michael Capp.

Update: Although I did not qualify for this study, I was glad I was at least considered. Congratulations to everyone who was chosen for the study and completed it, I bet that $300 will come in handy since Christmas is approaching!