First Donation and Question for Survey Directory


I wanted to publicly thank Robert M. for Donating $4.00 to Survey Directory, this is the first donation ever donated. Although donations are highly appreciated, comments or questions are also welcomed as well. With out the viewers I don't know if I would continue to bring new information and insight to Survey Directory.


Speaking of questions, I received the first one about 2 weeks ago, but because of my internet access, I wasn't able to answer it as fast as I would have liked to.

Sandy's Question:

In doing surveys for a while now, I have noticed some companies use the same format to ask questions to see if I qualify for a survey from them. Most of them look similar to the Greenfield system of survey Daily Survey Panel, SurveyHead and even Memolink.
In order to keep getting more surveys from Greenfield, I have discontinued trying to qualify from surveys from these other companies because I want to keep receiving as many survey opportunities as possible from Greenfield. They seem to pay better than the others.
Do you know of any other survey sites like this that use the same system of questions to see if a person qualifies for a survey? I hope you understand what I am saying. If you've taken a survey with more than one of these companies, I think you can understand what I am asking.

My Response:
Sorry for the late reply, I haven't had a stable internet connection and I also haven't checked this email account for a while. Anyway I know what you are saying, at least I think I do. Daily Survey and MemoLink host Greenfield surveys, Greenfield pays them so much depending on the number of people that qualify for the survey, then MemoLink and Daily Survey Panel pay its members a percentage of that. I think this is why Greenfield doesn't have as many well paid surveys anymore, many of them are sweepstakes entries. I don't think discontinuing to do the surveys through the other panels improves your chances, but I could be wrong.
I have had the most luck with SurveySpot, Viewpoint Forum, HCD Surveys, and Lightspeed. I'm pretty sure all of these survey sites use the same system of questions if not very similar since this is how they determine who qualifies and what catagories they fit into. You can also try Pinecone Research if you are not already a member, they offer $3 per survey (for US members), but you have to find their banner, just google Pinecone Research it should be fairly easy to find. If you have any other questions or if I didn't clearly answer one in this email please let me know. I will post your question on my blog when I have time and an internet connection.
Thank you for your inquiry.

Since others may have wondered the same thing that Sandy inquired about she suggested that I should post the conversation if anyone else wanted to chime in on the subject, so I did! There are a few different types of sites that have surveys that you can complete but they are not necessarily survey sites, the surveys are hosted by Survey Companies/MarketResearch Companies but may be hosted on various sites in order to get a range of responses. Because these sites are hosting them for the company they may not pay you as much as if you did that exact survey through the Survey Company itself. The site the survey was hosted on wants to make a profit so they pay you what they think would be fair, which in my opinion isn't always the case.

I am a member of Daily Survey Panel and Memolink but I don't really classify them as survey sites. It seems they host mostly OTX surveys and greenfield surveys, but aren't limited to those companies alone. OTX surveys tend to be long and most of the time are not worth the amount they are paying you to give your opinion.

Daily Survey Panel gives you 110 - 120 points a survey, since the minimum cash out is $1. You only need 200 points to reach that amount. But have you ever done the math? Well I will give you an example:

Each Points is worth $0.005
OTX Survey - 120 points = $0.60
Average Completion Time = 35 Minutes
Amount Earned per Minute = $0.017143

The minium $1.00 cashout is great but I could do that exact survey on Survey Spot for like $2-$3 instead of for $0.60. That is why I stopped taking surveys that are hosted by sites like these, they don't fairly pay their members. MemoLink is almost just as bad, they don't give you as many points as I think they should for spending your time giving your opinion. I'm sure others have noticed this as well.

If anyone wants to comment or add on to something I may have left out feel free too!


Sandy said...

Thanks SweetTrix!
I look forward to the input of others on this subject. Your advice was really helpful. I will continue to do the surveys from those other survey sites.