Synovate Global Opinion Panels Payment

Synovate was one of my favorite survey panels, they sent me quite a few product tests and there surveys gave fair compensation. As of right now, they are slipping down my list of favorites for the reason that they seem to be sending fewer surveys. This could be the effect of the failing economy or maybe my demographics aren't need as much as they once were.

Before Christmas I cashed out my points for a check, I also requested payment from a couple other survey sites. A little after the beginning of January my check arrived in the mail, I also received another check the same day, I believe it was the check from SurveySpot. I am a little late getting the payment proofs posted.

My payment proof from Synovate below:

A little info about Synovate Global Opinion Panels:

The world of Synovate goes beyond geographic boundaries. We're close to the action all over the globe. With almost 60 branches worldwide, you'll probably find there's a Synovate branch near you.


Earn Money Online Too said...

Finding the points rather slow on Synovate and it seems like a long road to payout!:) Contemplating reaching my first payout then quitting this one altogether...