Valued Opinion Payment

Received another payment in the mail, this one is from Valued Opinions. I cashed out for a $20.00 Macy's Gift Card a little before Christmas and received it early January like my previous payment proof posts also stated. I had around $38.00 in my account and thought I should probably cash out for a gift card since I would have enough for another one soon.

I am planning on cash out for another $20.00 gift card soon, I think the next one will also be to Macy's as well. I might just use them for birthday presents to my sisters since there isn't a Macy's in Iowa, and I know there are a couple in Illinois. Here is the payment proof:

Valued Opinions has been a pretty good survey site so far. The compensation you receive per survey is very good, at least for the majority of surveys they invite you to. The downside to Valued Opinions is you have to be invited there, but members can not refer you. They are somewhat like Pinecone Research in that you have to find a banner or signup link in order to join.

On the upside I have a link that should work, I found it posted somewhere else, can't remember exactly but I think it was a website or a forum. Sign up here for Valued Opinions, if the link doesn't work please let me know. Just scroll down the page and there will be a small registration form. The page may try to redirect you to the main website page, just click the stop button on your browser. Good Luck!

Note: The link given above is only for residents of the United States, Valued Opinions has other survey panels for specific countries so please check the "legend" on the right side and find your country. Also check out the international section for more survey panels.


elpaso95 said...

Hello Sweet-Trix:
Don't You Just Love Suveys That Pay By Amazon. I Don't Honestly Know Why Clear Voice Stopped Paying By PayPal?

Been Ok! Having Relapse-Insomnia Again. Taking A Huge Break From The Intenet. I Have Been Clicking ( adds)On Directory. Hope All Is Well With You & Stuff. I Have Been Noticing That I Have Been Getting Tons Of Surveys In Email But, Staying Off The Rover ( internet) Lately. There Is Never Enough Time.

Valued Opinions Is One Of My Best Paying Amazon Survey Sites.