Nielsen//NetRatings Check

A month ago I participated in a survey asking me if I would like to download an application that would monitor my internet usage, I forget what survey site this particular survey was through but the software was from Nielsen//NetRatings. Since Nielsen//NetRatings is a well known and legitimate market research company I decided to download the application plus I would be compensated for my time with a $10 check after the application had been installed for one month. The check came from Seed Strategy Inc./InCheck LLC which is one of their partners for processing payments.

When a month came around I was promptly shipped my $10 check. I am planning on un-installing the application tomorrow since there wont be much use for it to be on my computer, well at least not for me anyway.

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Earn Money Online Too said...

Recently started using the Nielsen Ratings software, signed up through Valued Opinions:) I think they said £3 for each month it runs... we'll see