SurveySpot Payment

I decided to withdrawal my earnings from SurveySpot on December 17th and received it on the 13th of January, it took a little under a month to receive the check which is pretty good compared to other survey sites. I was pretty excited when I saw the envelope in my mailbox, I now had an extra $251.50 to deposit in my son's savings account.

So far from all the survey sites, this check from SurveySpot has to be the highest amount I have received. I think the second highest would be from Viewpoint Forum. I have received a total of $279.50 from SurveySpot alone and I hope to earn more in the coming months.

I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed this too, but I haven't been getting as many paid survey invitations as I was before Christmas, most of them are just for sweepstakes. Maybe it's just me or perhaps it has to do with the economy right now because SurveySpot isn't the only one I have noticed this with. All in all I hope the market research industry stays strong, without them I wouldn't have the extra money to stash away for my son when he gets older. :)

Here is a thumbnail of my second check from SurveySpot, to see my first check please click here.