HCD Surveys Payment


HCD Surveys sent me a check a week or so ago but didn't have time to post it with Halloween and then my 2 year old son having to stay in the hospital. I guess it's just been a hectic week! Anyway HCD Surveys sends a couple surveys a month, of course with the election the past 6 months have been a lot more active. In those months I received at least 1 survey a week sometimes 2-4! They send health surveys most of the time with the exception of political ones, those are the only kind of surveys I have received to date from them. The surveys themselves are not very long, maybe 10-15 minutes if that, the compensation per survey is fairly good considering what others might pay. I am already back at the minimum to cashout again and may do so in the next month or so. Here is the payment proof for HCD Surveys: