Mindfield Product Test

I qualified for a product test from Mindfield today, I haven't gotten a product test from them since I think last summer ... I know it's been a while! I think another reason is because I haven't been doing their surveys lately because of lack of time, I get at least 20 surveys a day if not more, of course there are some days I only get 5 but 75% of the time its 20 a day! Between blogging, surveys, mylotting, doing my rounds at my ptc sites it's sometimes hard to get everything done, especially when I have a restricted amount of time to do it in. I guess thats life. Anyway about the product test, well the survey only took about 10-15 minutes to complete and was pretty straightforward. I knew it was going to be a product test the way the survey was set up so i was hoping I would qualify. I should be getting the product in the mail within the next week and have to test all of the product for a certain number of days each. I would post pictures when I get the product but like most of you know who have done product tests this is against the terms, it's not just for Mindfield but most survey companies. I am not allowed to specify what the product is or show other people the product besides the people in my household, and I don't think everyone from the internet is in my household last time I checked, lol. I will tell you what comes of the product test, besides the $4 for the initial survey I took.


elpaso95 said...

Hello Sweet-Trix:
Bonjour! I Am In A Home Product Test From ( Syovate)Global Opinions Panel. It's Abour Deodorant. I'm Not really Sure How Many Points It Pays. Have Yet To Reach That 25,000 Mark = $25.00
herad About ( ptc) Website But, " That Is Just Not My Thing". Thanks Anyway.I'm Doing Well At ViewPoint Forum & Getting My Point To Refer Others.
I Like SurveyDircetory Blog & Theme Template. Chowbella Lacie

SweetTrix said...

Thanks for your comment Lacie, I have reach over the $25 limit on Synovate but haven't cashed it out yet, I think I have like $50 in there now... I just don't want to see my balance go to zero, lol. I think the template looks pretty nice too! Good Luck with your earnings!