Instant Cash Sweepstakes

I usually don't recommend these kinds of sites mainly becuase it's a sweepstakes site and may not be considered a survey site by some. I don't consider it to be much of a survey site myself, but the site does state that the group of visionaries who built Instant Cash Sweepstakes are trying out a new kind of market research site.

At Instant Cash Sweepstakes you can answer short surveys for lottery entries, these surveys are 3 questions long. For every survey you complete you earn entries into the weekly $250 grand prize drawing. If you complete a survey that you completed before and answer all the questions as you did before your lottery entries are automatically tripled. You can complete 5 surveys every 3 hours, while your waiting you cancheck out the sites game area to pass time. Also when you refer your friends to Instant Cash SweepStakes you will receive 100% matching of their prizes. That means if they win $5.00 you win $5.00! How great is that?