Socratic Forum Updates

Socratic Forum has sent out their July newsletter. They announced the winners of the Member Referral Sweepstakes, congratulations to Palini G. and Nitin, K.! During this Member Referral Sweepstakes 10,000 new panelists have joined and the majority are participating in surveys and collecting their cash and prizes.

Also if you are a member of Socratic Forum they ask that you complete the July Member Flash Poll. This poll is only 3 questions long and will help them understand issues around potentially sensitive information that are sometimes collect in their surveys. I completed this poll and it was really fast and easy, so please take a minute to complete it.

On another note did you know that in the month of July panelists received $6,940 for participating in 13 different surveys and in the month of June received $12,523 for participating in 23 different surveys? Thats quite the amount of cash for taking surveys!

Look over the results from recent studies they have conducted:

Results From Recent Studies
Over the course of the past few months we've seen some results that you might find interesting:

Compared to a year ago, half or more of you spend less on:

Entertainment outside of the home (56%)
Leisure Travel (55%)
Home Electronics (51%)
Clothing for yourself (51%)
Business Travel (50%)
While only about a quarter of you are spending less on:

Green products (24%)
Groceries (26%)
Products for your pets (26%)
When managing your budget in the current economy, your kids are as important to you as your pets:

31% of you are not willing to cut back on clothing for your children
31% are not willing to cut back on products for your pets
Only 12% of you are not willing to cut back on clothing for yourselves
56% of you are not willing to cut back on groceries.

And finally, it's nice to know that 17% of you are not willing to cut back on your charitable donations, while only 10% of you are not willing to cut on what you spend on liquor