Market Research Study Via Phone - $50

Passing this oppurtunity to earn $50 on! I don't qualify for the study since my state is not listed. Anyway, if you live in the states listed below give it a try and see if you qualify, an extra $50 is always nice! Good Luck

We are conducting a market research 40-minute telephone study for men and women 65+ years of age who live in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Nevada , Washington, Oregon, Alaska or Hawaii and are currently taking Plavix, Ticlid or Pletal.

This study is paying $50.00.

If you do not qualify for this study, but know anyone who will, or if you know anyone who is on disability and taking the above medications, please fill out the information below.

If you are interested, please email back this information to

Include the following:

Your name:
Best number to reach you at 9 AM - 4 PM EST:
Reason you are on the medication: