TestSpin Introduces PayPal


TestSpin finally has PayPal as a payment option. When I logged into my member account at TestSpin today I was excited to find that they are now offering payment via PayPal as well as Amazon.com. I followed the steps to cashing out and noticed that when I wanted to cash out $20 I would only receive $16.40. Least to say I am kinda disappointed that the panelists are charged a 2.5% fee. You would think that since TestSpin is a fairly big survey panel they could do mass payments instead of having their members take a hit with fees. I'm not sure if I want to cash out through Amazon.com or not, I'd like to get the money I earned ... all of it.
What do you think about this? Are you more inclined to cash out through PayPal or Amazon? What do you think about the 2.5% fee that you are charged?