New Rewards Program From Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost introduces a new rewards program featuring gift codes and a Citi prepaid debit card. You will still be able to request a check until the end of the year but they will soon be phasing out checks at the beginning of the new year. You can currently redeem your points via check or gift codes.

I have been a member of Opinion Outpost for a little over three years and had no problem redeeming my points for a check. According to Ojae Barnes, Director of Opinion Outpost, "This process was slow and frustrating for everyone and we feel our new options will be a vast improvement." Although I agree the Amazon gift codes are a good addition, I am not so sure about the Citi prepaid debit card. Some people find prepaid debit cards more of a hassle then helpful. If I were to redeem my points for a Citi prepaid debit card I would make sure I had a substantial amount before doing so, not only because of the fee but also so that it won't be as much of a hassle to use.

What is your opinion of this change? Do you prefer getting paid via check or are you excited about the prepaid debit card? Or maybe you are wondering why move to a prepaid debit card when going through PayPal is faster and safer, I know I've been wondering about that question myself!

Special thanks to Lacie, read her post here!