BuzzBack Upgrades Survey Panel Website


Have you visited BuzzBack lately? If not then you probably aren't aware of the new changes to their website. The picture above on the left is what the new survey panel website looks like and on the right is what the old survey panel website use to look like - what a difference! I think they had been slowly redesigning their survey panel website since their parent website looks very similar to the new layout. The older layout of the did seem very outdated, there wasn't much detail or uniqueness about it other than just being plain.

I hadn't visited BuzzBack in a month or so since I hadn't gotten any survey invitations for that period of time. After checking my email account I received an email from BuzzBack asking me to update my account, this notice appeared in a spiffy new template I hadn't seen from them before. When I followed the link to update my account this is when I discovered their new look. I completed a short survey to update my member info and then I was taken to "my dashboard" where, to my surprise, there was a $2 survey waiting for me!

The "My Rewards" section is one of the changes I do like, simply for the fact that you can keep track of the amount you have earned, the amount available, the amount cashed out, amount pending and more! If you liked getting PayPal payment sent to you every time after you had completed a survey then you may not be so keen on their new payment method. You will now only be able to cash out if you have earned $15 or more, this isn't too bad compared to others that have a $25 minimum. Looking at the rewards section of BuzzBack may remind you of another survey site, SurveyHead, that has a similar rewards section.

There are quite a few ways you can redeem your rewards, you can also choose to donate to a charity as well. Below are the different ways you can redeem your earnings:
  •® Gift Card 
  •® MP3 GiftCard,
  • NASCAR.COM Gift Certificates
  • Gift Certificates
  • NFLShop Gift Certificates
  • Nike Gift Card
  • PayPal
  • Playspan
  • Gift Certificates
  • Gift Certificates
  • VIPGift PASS
  • Visa virtual account.
What do you think of their new website design? If you have logged in who do you like the layout?


      BuzzBack Surveys said...

      Hi Tristen,

      Thanks for reviewing our new panel site! We hope you are enjoying it. You can also find us on Facebook now (click here).

      Thanks again!

      --The BuzzBack Team