BzzAgent Has An Agent In Need


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If you are a member of BzzAgent then you may already be aware that one of our fellow Agents is in desperate need. On Wednesday morning her house caught fire and see consequently lost everything in the fire. BzzAgent Jono received a direct message from ComicsGirl on Twitter asking if she would be penalized for loosing a BzzAgent kit and not being able to submit a report because everything had been lost in a house fire.

After hearing about this BzzAent Jono set up a PayPal donation account dedicated to help get ComicsGirl back on her feet. The asking donation is $1 but you are welcome to donate more. I couldn't imagine loosing everything that I owned. If you are an Agent please pass this on!

Below is the email that BzzAgent sent out:

Hi BzzAgent SweetTrix,

This week I come to you not with a coupon, discount, or great offer. Instead it’s time to get a little serious. But first let me begin a few weeks back.

Like any normal day, I was monitoring my BzzAgent Jono Twitter account ( to see what the world is saying about BzzAgent and to provide news from my end. Well, I see a DM (direct message) come in from BzzAgent comicsgirl who I’ve chatted online with before. The gist of the message was that she lost a recent kit and was worried that she would be penalized for not submitting a BzzReport. I quickly replied and asked if it was a shipping problem, to which her reply was that she lost it due to her house burning down.

As you can imagine, whenever anyone tells you something like this your first concern is health. After it was determined she was safe and healthy I learned more about the fact that her house was a total loss and she lost just about everything except the clothes on her back. I can’t begin to imagine how this feels. Can you?

This tragic news got me thinking. What could we do as a BzzAgent community to help a fellow Agent in need? So it’s with this question that I come to each of you with a simple request. Can you donate $1 to help BzzAgent comicsgirl get her feet back on the ground? Yes. Just $1.

While $1 may not be much by itself, together we can make a real difference and help someone in need. Are you up for the challenge?
Donate $1 Now>>
Here are the details on what happened. If you’d like to follow her on Twitter you can find her here.

Thanks for listening and feel free to email me at if you have any questions about this!

PS - Let me be clear. BzzAgent comicsgirl did not ask us to do this. We are doing this soley through our own discretion.