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Resolution Research is a well known and trusted market research firm. Resolution Research conducts numerous market research projects for an array of clients throughout the world, covering topics from health to work and leisure. Our clientele operates in industries such as education, manufacturing, health care, law, advertising, transportation, utilities and computer-related services. As a panelist, you will be periodically invited to participate in studies. They have three different type of panels that you can choose:

If you're interested in joining you should also know that registration is simple! You will have to complete a short questionnaire about yourself, this is to help match you with surveys that you will be interested in. Of course all surveys/studies are voluntary and your privacy will be protected. You should also be truthful in each survey/study you participate in to insure they can gather correct data for their research.

You may be interested to know that Resolutin Research does varies types of studies, so if you are looking for more than just online surveys you may have luck with this panel. Below are the types of research they conduct:

  • Online surveys where a pre-programmed questionnaire is answered entirely online;
  • Online focus groups or bulletin boards where questions and answers flow in an online discussion that may take an hour or span a two or three day period;
  • In-person focus groups held at a facility in your city or at an event you’re attending;
  • Telephone surveys where you answer questions read to you by an interviewer;
  • A diary or camera journal that records interaction with a particular product or service;
  • In-home new product tests (e.g., window coverings, salad crispers, electric toothbrushes, etc. – you almost always get to keep the product);
  • Taste tests where you go to a facility in your city, eat and/or drink and give your opinion;
  • Product tests (e.g., new acne product, new inline skate brake, new Blackberry, new home thermometer, etc.) – you try the product for a specified period of time and give your opinions (you often get to keep these too);
  • Website usability, where you log online and report the user-friendliness of the website;
  • Advertising tests (e.g., hear, read, or watch ads and provide input – some are conducted over the phone, online, or in a focus group setting);
  • Mock jury (observe the arguments of a case that’s going to trial and give your verdict);
  • Shadow jury (actually attend a real jury trial in the observer seats at the courthouse and provide feedback daily);
  • Mystery shopping (e.g., get paid to dine out and rate the food and service; visit a business, buy a product and measure whether the agent did his/her job properly);
  • Medical or psychological trials/tests (test topics range widely – e.g., memory, exercise, arthritis, diabetics, persons 65+ on heart medication, twins, bi-polar, women with breast cancer, etc., oftentimes held at a local university);
  • Clinical trials (e.g., generally longer term blind or double-blind studies testing the safety and efficacy of new drugs or devices) 

Compensation for their studies range from sweepstakes entries to $5-$400 giftcards/cash, free products and more. This all depends on the sponsor and length of the study. They have stated on their website that on average, panelists participant in 3-6 studies a year. The more studies you participate in the greater your reward. You can request payment once you have 45 points which is a $10 Visa Cash Card. There are also a couple other alternatives such as music downloads, donations and a monthly sweepstakes.

From a personal stance on study participation, I would like to think that if you completed surveys/studies for a particular research company that they then may be more inclined to invited you to studies more frequently because of your past participation. I also think being detailed can also set you apart from other participants, whether it is about a new lotion you were sent to test or a movie trailer for an upcoming movie. But remember detailed does not mean exaggerated or dishonest, always try to provide honest answers.


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