Media Insiders - Earn with the App!

If you haven't already tried out Media Insiders, you might want to consider it. I have been a member since January and have received $5 each month for running their app on my phone. You can earn rewards for up to three devices. The devices that they are currently accepting are the following:

  • Android™ Smartphones (version 4.0 or greater - not rooted) 
  • Android Tablets (version 4.0 or greater - not rooted) 
  • Kindle Fire HD (not the first generation Kindle Fire)
  • iPhone®5, iPads®
  • iPads®Minis
  • iPod Touch® ( iOS version 5.0 or greater)

Their payments are processed through Tango Card. You can redeem your Tango Card for merchandise from brands like Gap, Target, Starbucks, Home Depot, Amazon and more! You can also choose to donate your rewards to charity, use rewards for online game currency, or even redeem your rewards for cash. 

The process of redeeming your rewards is easy. Whenever you receive the email from Media Insiders with your Tango Card number and pin, you will then enter it at Tango Card. You will then be asked to choose what type of reward you would like: Purchase Gift Cards, Donate to a Charity or Redeem for Cash. If choosing Gift Card, select the brand of gift card you would like. Enter your name, the value of the gift card and an email address, then submit. Tango Card will then send you an order summary listing the amount and type of gift card. You should receive the gift card within 24 hours of submitting your order.

Below are screenshots of the payments I have received:

Recently, Media Insiders has updated their app so now requires you to connect to VPN. This would require you to confirm connection to the Media Insiders VPN every time your phone is powered off. This is an annoyance for some and for others they dont agree with sharing such information. To understand what this means in more detail, below is the email from Media Insiders about the latest update:


Winifred Speight said...

I.did this for 12 weeks now there suppose to be a new way of paying instead of monthly/ its weekly but it hasnt started nothing going on .I liked it hate to remove the app ???????

Winifred Speight said...

No.move has been done since they claim to be starting a new way paying using the App. Nothing

Tristen said...

They have now switched over to Perks Plus -

I would try logging in and seeing if you have accumulated points, they will be in the top right of the website. Since they are transitioning to a new payment form you may actually have been paid through for a portion of your activity. Otherwise I would contact their support team. Thanks for reading!

Winifred Speight said...

Hey I am taking back my last comment!!!!This is a great appvsnd they do have surveys and some.I also wanna say do the app is great way to earn some extra change or other prizes Go for It they pay you

Winifred Speight said...

Thanks I used Perks plus to get my rewards already last month.