BzzAgent's New Reward System


BuzzAgent has a new reward system now, if you haven't heard of BzzAgent yet let me explain to you who they are and why you should become a member.

In late 2001, BzzAgent founder and CEO Dave Balter realized that marketers weren't harnessing the power of word of mouth (WOM). His vision was to create a platform that would allow people to experience new products and services, share their honest opinions about them with people they knew and report those activities and opinions so marketers could directly see the results. This community would be something entirely new, bringing consumers and marketers together to organize and track honest word of mouth.

BzzAgent has grown to become the world's first WOM (Word of Mouth) media channel, allowing agencies and clients to develop and execute their own WOM campaigns through our community of trained Agents.

As of April 2008, we have:

  • Over 400,000 wonderful Agents in our international network of WOM volunteers, which is growing by 2,000-4,000 members per week
  • 410+ WOM programs under our belt
  • 80 employees working hard to make Agents and clients happy
BzzAgents are everyday consumers who believe in honest word of mouth. In other words, they like to:
  • Discover and check out new products, services, books and other cool stuff * Share their honest opinions with people they know
  • Have their input and feedback taken seriously by companies and brands
  • Build social capital by being in the know and always having something to talk about
If you like to:
  • Have access to and knowledge of products before other people.
  • Engage in productive, meaningful two-way communication with major brands and companies. Your voice will be heard!
  • Receive special offers and discounts, both for themselves and friends.
Then you might want to consider becoming a BzzAgent. You will receive free stuff and get coupons and discounts, and they want you to share it with your friends to spread the word. You earn BzzPoints that you can redeem for merchandise from hundreds of retailers and restaurants.

Here is the latest news about BzzAgent's New Reward System:

Greetings BzzAgent SweetTrix,

You and your peers have asked for more, so get ready for more. We've made some tremendous improvements to your BzzAgent experience - specifically we're revamping our entire rewards and ranking and tiering platforms.

To make way for these improvements, we're getting rid of BzzPoints - and you MUST transition your BzzPoints or they will be gone forever! Transitioning them will give you access to immediate rewards from 100+ retailers and restaurants, so you don't want to miss this. Here are your options for action before June 9:

To keep your BzzPoints:
  • Login between May 22 and June 8
  • Tell us to transfer your points
  • Starting June 9, redeem those points for rewards from 100+ retailers and restaurants
To decline your BzzPoints:
  • Login before June 9 and tell us you want your points to expire (now why would you ever want that to happen?)
  • If you don't tell us one way or the other, your points will automatically expire on June 9
As part of the transition, we're offering a fun bonus: a limited number of Golden Keys will be available for 200 BzzPoints (one per Agent, first come, first served).

To find out more and get a head start on the new rewards system, mark your calendar and login to on May 22.

Whatever you do, login before June 9. After that all BzzPoints will be erased from the system - and we want to make sure everyone who wants something gets something, so don't miss out!

See you soon!

BzzAgent Jono

If you want to become a member you can leave a comment with your email address and I will send you the invite. The comments are reviewed before I publish them so I will just send you the invitation and reject your comment so no one will even get to see your email address except for me. I won't spam you I hate that stuff myself. :) Or you can just go here to signup.