Opinion Place Payment


I received my payment from Opinion Place today for a survey I complete a week or two ago, it was only for $2.25 but it was a pretty short survey. When you are a member of Opinion Place you can log into your account and complete a survey every 7 days, this is different compared to other survey sites. They do send you email alerts when they have surveys that fit your profile, so they are similar in that way. Opinion Place is an AOL Service, you can use your earnings towards paying you AOL bill if you use their online services. You can also get Advantage Miles and get paid through PayPal. They compensate you fairly well for the time you spend taking each survey. I have also bee introduced to special survey panels through the surveys that I completed there, some are for brand name companies themselves. I think it's worth the effort to join and participate in their surveys. Join Opinion Place to participate in surveys!


elpaso95 said...

Hello Trix:
Thanks for the info on OPinion Place I realy appreciteit. Your blob website is really cool.

I have a { Paypal Donation Plug-In } that you can use. i have-not tried it out buy, $1.00-$3.00 Small Donation to my Paypal account would be a lot better pay than adds on your blog website. Please come by & check out my blog/site. Fell free to leave a message. thanks Trix

Bryan said...

I agree that Opinion Place gives good compensation for the time you spend there. If they only let me take more surveys each month they would be my top survey site!

It's interesting that you mentioned email alerts...I've NEVER gotten one from Opinion Place though I've been a member for quite a few months. It's too bad because I really would prefer to get my surveys that way instead of logging in to the site every time I want to take a new survey.

Anonymous said...

regarding the e-mail alerts. I too have never received an Opinion Place alert even though I have been taking surveys for 4-5 years. In the beginning, I was able to take a survery, but lately I don't qualify. The last survey I was qualified for was 01/19/2008.

SweetTrix said...

They send you email alerts if you request them. After taking a survey or updating your profile you will be brought to a page that asks you the following: "Would you be interested in receiving e-mail invitations from Opinion Place when we have new surveys online?". Every time I am done taking a survey or even when I don't qualify for one I am shown the message and always say yes to receiving their emails for survey updates.

You might want to add the following address to your contacts just in case they are going to you spam or bouncing: Surveys@mail.OpinionPlace.com

I find my self not qualifying for certain survey now and then. It's mainly because of my demographics, sometimes the companies want me because of them and sometimes not.