Beware of SurveyTeam


Beware of SurveyTeam, they are NOT a survey site! When you first see their site name "SurveyTeam" you would automatically think that they are a survey site that sends you surveys to participate in, but this is not the true at all. They have offers not surveys, they like to call them surveys but they are just sponsor offers. If you aren't familiar with offers let me give you a small overview of what they are. Offers are hosted by companies that make themselves appear like they want your opinion but they really want your email address. For example you see those ads for $500 gift card to Old Navy or Victoria Secret and they want your "opinion" which store is the better one, all they really want is your email address so they can send you more offers like these to your email. These companies say you can get the $500 gift card but of course you have to jump through hoops which they call "surveys" but they are really just other offers, I know sounds confusing.... thats exactly what they are trying to do to the people that participate. SurveyTeam gets paid every time you enter your email address since they just provided another lead for that company to spam. They also have trials offers that you can complete, but you have to make sure you cancel or you get can get charged more money than you initially thought. I emailed them about their "surveys" being offers and of course they totally ignored my initial question, but what do you expect. I think I will email them again and include that their name is misleading and confusing. Will this do anything? No, probably not but I like to complain, lol. Also when I went to my account page I noticed that they stated the minimum payout was at $100! Even if they do pay straight to your PayPal account that's still pretty damn high if you ask me. Other offer sites have a lower minimum payment than that! That is the other reason you should beware of SurveyTeam, with such a high minimum payment it would take you a while to get there and they could then say you did offers fraudulently or you had multiple accounts and you won't get paid. I have heard other sites like them that do that even when the member is an honest one. Also if you become an inactive member for three months you lose all of your earnings. You loose money, time and effort, and sometimes even trustworthiness to site similar to the one that scammed you. If you do join
SurveyTeam I would be cautious. There have been numerous reports of people being scammed by them Here