Panada Research - Warning!


Panda Research is NOT a survey site, you would think by the name having research in it they would be. Well they have fouled a lot of people of thinking that. Novice survey takers may assume that they are a legit survey site because of the way Panda Research throws around the words "surveys" and "research". If you look in the Faq section they use surveys in a couple questions but then in another question the use offers, so which is it? Well I guess they like to call them surveys since it sounds better and it implies market research, but these "surveys" really are offers. I personally believe they do this to make their business look more appealing, but all it does is make them look illegitimate. There are sites out their that are like Panda Research but they advertise themselves as what they are - an "Offers" site or a "Paid to Sign-up" site. They may tell you that you can test products and you can complete daily surveys, but they actually have daily surveys and regular offers. When companies try to take on a clashed identity like Panda Research it just rubs me the wrong way, they are deliberately misleading you. I joined Panda Research because their were quiet a few people asking about them, I wasn't a member then so I couldn't correctly tell them what Panda Research is and what they are not. From the screen shot we know what they aren't - a survey site. I also noticed that you had to reach a ridiculous amount in order to receive payment! The minimum you have to earn to cash out is $100! Sounds familiar huh? Just like SurveyTeam, Panda Research has the $100 minimum payment. It's funny how they never state that you will actually have to spend money in order to make the minimum amount in a reasonable amount of time. I'm sure you can make $200 with just the "free offers" but it will take you some time, probably around 4 months since you can't complete the same offer twice. When you Google "Panda Research Scam" a lot of stuff comes up, reviews, complaints, experiences, etc. With all the complaints they get its no wonder they have a "Revised Privacy Policy"! You can see reviews about Panda Research here, here, here and here. I would advise anyone who has joined the site to be cautious and people who haven't joined to stay clear of it.

There are much better "offer" sites out there. If you are wanting to try a great one out I would recommend Treasure Trooper simply because I have been a member for over 3 years now and have been paid on-time every time I requested a payment. I don't participated in offer sites much anymore but with Treasure Trooper I have made over $235 from offers and their daily surveys. I kinda got sidetracked with surveys and school so I haven't been active since the beginning of last year.


add said...

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SweetTrix said...

Thanks for your comment. The website you mentioned seemed like it would be a good site to make your own surveys, but I didn't see anything about them actually providing surveys and being paid for them.

•☼•Good Luck•☼•

princeify said...

i want to thank you for opening my eyes to the reality of making money with paid surveys.thanks a million.

cricketgo-Mary said...

Good post, I joined panda research a year or so ago and never got anything but links to join other survey sites. So I ignored them, not a survey site. I like your page, good layout.

Bryan said...

It gets on my nerves too when offer sites bandy the word "survey" about too freely. Answering "Yes" or "No" to a thousand offers does not a survey make...those are simply solicitations. They're interested in my credit card number, not my opinion!

As for Panda Research, I think they are an out and out scam and I'm glad you're warning people about them. I can't believe I've never joined a scam survey site yet...I think the only reason I've avoided them is because people like you put their time and effort into informing others about both the good and the bad sites. I'm definitely adding this site to my bookmarks!