$250.00 Online Bulletin Board with Probe Market Research


$250.00 Online Bulletin Board with Probe Market Research.
•••Need To Have Digital Camera•••

Reply to: heather@probemarketresearch.com

We have an upcoming ONLINE study paying $250. IT will last for 6 days (Saturday June 28th THROUGH Thursday July 3rd.) The time commitment per day is 45 minutes to 1 hour at your convenience anytime during the 24 hour period.

YOU will be required to have access to high speed internet access and a digital camera to upload photos during the course of the online bulletin board.

If interested:

Complete Name
Telephone Number
Employment Status/Occupation
Household Income (<35, 35k-50k, 50k-75k, 75k+)
Highest Level of Education
Have you ever participated in an online community via a discussion board, community site or blog?
Have you ever uploaded pictures on the internet?
Do you own a digital camera?
Have you purchased ANY electronics (TV, DVD, Camcorder, Camera, Video Game
System, etc.) in the past 12 months?
If so, what have you purchased and what

Please rate the following statements on a scale of 1-5 (1 does not describe you and 5
describes you to a T)
( ) - I am always the first among my friends to have the latest electronic equipment
( ) - I actively keep up with developments in technology
( ) - My friends often ask my advice before buying electronic equipment
( ) - I consider myself to be a creative person
( ) - I like to find new ways of doing things
( ) - I consider myself to be adventurous
( ) - I usually go to movies during the first couple weeks they are out
( ) - Music is a very important part of my life

THANKS! A recruiter will contact those who are eligible. Absolutely No Calls Please !!!!!

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Qualitative Market Research said...

Hi friends,

The online bulletin board is probably the most-used online platform and forerunner of the online qualitative approach. Most qualitative researches to have used this methodology in cases when it is best suited to the objectives of the study and needs of the client. Thanks a lot....