MySurvey Product Test


Today I received a product test from MySurvey, I totally forgot I completed a survey that stated I would get this product to test. Of course I can't disclose to you what the product exactly is, lets just say it's a food product. So for all those people out there that want to participate in product tests, MySurvey sends invites here and there considering you qualify of course.

MySurvey is part of TNS(Taylor Nelson Sofres PLC), TNS is ranked as the world’s largest provider of custom research and analysis, operating globally across 70 countries. TNS has been collecting the opinions of US consumers since 1946 as National Family Opinion and then NFO. The current website was created in 2001 to enable consumers to express their opinions online. You will notice the panel for Canadian and European residents is called TNS where as the panel for United States residents is called MySurvey(also known as NFO).


elpaso95 said...

Hello Sweet Trix:
I just walked out to my mailbox & received my very first Check from Thanks agian for the wonderfull information on the above post. Please visit my new revamped blogg website. Just added few more (check) survey sites & Post 9 ( PayPal) survey sites. Your blogg website looks really smart and very cool by the way.

Sincerely Yours