MySurvey AdTrcker


MySurvey now has another way to gather consumer opinions, it's called AdTracker. When I logged in (to complete a 10 question survey worth 10 points) there was a link in red saying to click to learn more, well I did just that. Here is what it stated about MySurvey AdTracker: AdTracker
There are many different ways that gathers consumer opinions - taking online surveys is the most frequent way we ask for your opinions. Another research program, AdTracker, is used to understand the advertisements you see when browsing the internet. (The latest research shows consumers don't mind online advertising, but they prefer to only see ads relevant to them.)

Here's how AdTracker works:

  • Browse the internet as usual - cookies are used to track the advertisements that are served to you (no software applications to download). Visit our privacy policy to learn more about how we use cookies.
  • Not every advertisement you see is tracked, only a select number of advertisements that our clients have registered through this research program are tracked.
  • AdTracker does not track if you click on that advertisement, only if it was served to you. Additionally, this research program does not track any websites you visit, click-stream data or any other internet activities or behaviors.
  • As always the data collected is kept in the strictest of confidence and only aggregated data (group level) is released to our clients.

Benefits for participation:

  • Help companies target advertisements that are relevant to you and your lifestyle.
  • Receive surveys that are targeted more to your lifestyle and the things you own and use.
  • Receive an entry into our bi-monthly $10,000 sweepstakes each day you participate.
  • Receive an entry into the AdTracker monthly sweepstakes. Members opted-in to AdTracker the entire month will receive one chance to win $1,000.

As an active member you are automatically enrolled in AdTracker unless you chose to opt-out. To opt-out, click Update Your Info on the top menu and uncheck the AdTracker option on that page.

What do you think of this new way to gather consumer opinions? If you are a member of MySurvey will you stay opted in for AdTracker or will you opt-out? I think I am going to stay opted in, I mean I don't have to download anything. I also can improve the amount of surveys targeted to me plus get entered into two separate sweepstakes, its pretty much a win-win situation.