Qualified For Diaper Study!!!!!


I am so ecstatic about qualifying! I got a call from Neito Research almost a week ago asking me if I was still interested in participating in the diaper study, and of course I said yes! So the lady talked to me about the study; they would send me diapers to test and I just had to record information about mine and my sons experience with them. They said the information that I am suppose to record is about how many diapers my son used in a day, if they leaked, where they leaked and how I thought the diapers were compared to the brand I use most often. It is basically a timed study so I have to use as many diapers as I can in that time period.

I got the diapers to test in the mail about 3 days ago so I have a while to go before I am done with the study, so far it is easy and hey it's free diapers! I didn't think I was even going to qualify since I did send in my request to participate a little late but they sent me an email with the forms I needed to fill out and send back to them via postal mail. By that time I thought I might just have a shot at it, but there was still a chance that they had all the participants they needed - well I guess I got lucky!